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Techno Communion casts have arrived

Miniatures of the North got their new Techno Communion casts in to their shop.


From the announcement:

Emails have gone out to all the folks waiting on their sets and I have about 18 left over, anyone who fancies a set ping me an email:

These are quite popular miniatures so they might not last long.

I'd previously reported that the thumb on the Synaxarion (Machine Speaker) had been broken off and all the subsequent casts lacked a thumb. Turns out, upon receipt of the latest batch of casts, it technically hadn't.. all casts actually do have a thumb!

This was discovered when the latest batch of casts went through quality control, one had a green epoxy resin thumb lodged into a metal hand – the thumb had broken off an was stuck in the mold cavity. It took a good 35+ spins of the mold to get it out! Sigh...