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TECHNO BOWL Dice Giveaway Happening Now

There's no such thing as "too many dice." Also, it's cool to have dice that match your team/army. Well, For those playing Techno Bowl from Bombshell Games, they're giving you a chance to get custom dice for your team over on their website. *urge to know more intensifies*

From the announcement:

TECHNO BOWL backer Jerome Fitzgerald had a fantastic idea, and he executed it perfectly! He created sets of custom dice to be used as giveaways for the community during the MORE FUN! LEAGUE season. The dice replace the standard pips with a pixel image of Phil Manly himself on the #6 side. Pretty cool- right?! These dice have also been tested by the league and proven to roll better in clutch situations and provide beneficial results when used as a PLAYMAKER die.So, how do you score a set for yourself? Good question! Names will be chosen at random weekly from a digital ‘virtual hat’. All Kickstarter backers already have their names entered at least once. Every week, people who participate in the TECHNO BOWL community will have their names added to the hat. The more you participate, the more times your name is added. Doing things like sharing pics, submitting game reports, streaming a game, sharing files, writing a review, and just generally being cool and helpful will earn you additional chances to win. As a bonus, coaches that play the ‘Game Of The Week’ and share an after game report will get their names added an additional 5 times!

I’ll watch as many sites and hangouts as I can, but there’s always a chance that I can miss something. So, if you share or see something cool, link to it in the comments section below. If you post or see something cool on social media, make sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter @thebrentspivey.

Spread the word, and thanks again to Jerome Fitzgerald! He’s a fine example of everything that’s great about the MORE FUN! LEAGUE.