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Team Yankee Launch Event Happening This Weekend

WWIII is upon us! Or, it will be tomorrow, anyway... and only on our tabletops (hopefully, anyway!). Battlefront is launching Team Yankee and they're starting off with a bang. If you're in New Zealand, you can stop by and see all the things that are going on first-hand. If you're not in New Zealand, as I'm sure most of you are, such as myself, you can still be there in spirit by checking out everything that's going to be going on over on the Team Yankee website.

There will be live blogging, photos, assembly videos, rules discussions with designer Phil Yates, live gaming events, and more. Remember, New Zealand begins their day a lot earlier than those of us here in the US, or even our friends over in the UK. So if you're up late tonight, you can probably catch some of the action.