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Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel released by Legionnaire Games

Legionnaire Games has released their Task Force Zeta: Flesh and Steel fleet-level starship game. Go download yourself a copy.

From the release:

Legionnaire Games has released the first Fleet Pack for Task Force Zeta. Flesh and Steel pits the forces of mankind's United Colonies against the Cyberon, a race of mechanical constructs, in sweeping fleet engagements across the known universe. This Fleet Pack includes:

* A background history that describes the basic setting and the conflicts of the First and Second Wars between the United Colonies and the Cyberon;
* Data Cards for 37 capital and escort vessels, along with a dozen fighter and shuttlecraft, in a new (and far more attractive) data card format;
*A section with basic descriptions of each ship and fighter class in this Fleet Pack, along with availability charts for fighting pick-up games with 'historically accurate' forces;
*A short selection of special rules to better reflect this universe (that can also be adopted for any game of Task Force Zeta);
*Two battle scenarios;
*Two Tactical Campaign Games, including a CG map, terrain notes for each of the 22 star systems on the map, and the addition of simple resource management to replace fleet losses during a Tactical CG;
*Suggestions on where to find appropriate miniatures to better reflect the vessels of the combatants on your tabletop.

(PDF USD$7.50)