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Task Force H.A.T. (Heroes Against Tyranny) is now on Kickstarter

Tim Obermueller Games looks to fund his latest project, Task Force H.A.T. (Heroes Against Tyranny), a roleplaying game where players are action movie style heroes who have banned together to take down the “Big-Bads” of the world. So if you ever wanted to play something like "The Expendables RPG," this seems like it'd be right down your alley.


From the campaign:

Tabletop game developer Tim Obermueller is crowdfunding his next role playing game project, Task Force H.A.T. (Heroes Against Tyranny), an action movie style game. Getting the funding for publishing and distribution of a game is a major obstacle for getting a game out on the market. only allows creators a set number of days to meet their funding goal, or no money changes hands. Obermueller's game has a 30-day fundraising window. If the funding goal ($1,000 US) isn't raised by March 3rd, the project will be cancelled.

Obermueller first decided to go commercial with his previous project, The Hunted: A Game of Medieval Magic, Mischief and Mayhem in January 2014. His first Kickstarter project launched in February and was successful at 173% funded after a 30 day funding period on March 20th, making it the first successfully funded gaming project in Nebraska outside of Omaha. It still holds that distinction amongst gaming projects in Nebraska. Obermueller is looking to add another to that list with his latest campaign.

The Hunted's success caused Obermueller to remain in the gaming business, "Getting The Hunted out into the world was a labor of love, I had a good concept that I felt I should share with as many people as I could. As that project was wrapping up I realized that making games was something that I was passionate about. I had a few ideas and what became Task Force H.A.T. (Heroes Against Tyranny) was the one that I ultimately felt was best.”

Obermueller’s role-playing game Task Force H.A.T. (Heroes Against Tyranny), is meant to be played as if the characters were in an action movie. Each hero has their own special tactics, weapons and abilities to take down the “Big-Bads” of the world.The game is also a satire of action movies with cheesy puns and players are encouraged make cheesy puns during play.

Should the project be successfully funded, Obermueller hopes to have the book published by June of 2015.