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Tarot Adventures, Book Two: Comet Over Echo Rock Kickstarter Coming in January

Sinopa Publishing has announced their next book in their Tarot Adventures line. The series, which draws its inspiration from the traditional Tarot deck, continues to the Comet Over Echo Rock adventure. As you all know, I'm a fan of pre-made adventures, as it gives the GM a lot of tools right at their fingertips. And having multiple missions all linked together can make it so quite a lot of gaming is done with minimal worry. Expect Comet Over Echo Rock to hit Kickstarter in January.

About the adventure:

The first series of adventures from Sinopa Publishing LLC, the Tarot Adventures are planned as a series of 22 complete adventures. The Draw of Glenfallow was written for groups of first through third level. Comet over Echo Rock is written for groups of second through fourth level.

Each adventure in the series is themed from a card of the major arcana of the traditional tarot deck. Which is also believed to be the basis for the Deck of Many Things. The Tarot Adventures are setting neutral, to allow portability into most fantasy campaigns.

These adventures are written for the fifth edition game mechanics. Each adventure includes statistics for OGL monsters and custom characters/monsters. Original illustrations created specifically for the adventure. The only "stock art" used are page backgrounds.