Tannhauser development update

By tgn_admin
In Board Games
Jan 7th, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games have posted an update on their releases, planned and released, for the Tannhäuser boardgame.

  • kcfodder

    I own the original box and add on. Got them through trade and have yet to upgrade to latest rules set.

    How many of you guys playing this at the moment?

  • jedijon

    While I recognize that development can include CURRENT developments, rather than UPCOMING – I think most of us are reading a future tense into this. If you follow the link, it refers to 2011; but then simply states “stay tuned for more awesomesauce”. Okay, I guess.

    There’s a lot of IMMANENT stuff for this game. But when I got it at GenCon prior to release, I thought there’d be lots of characters and maps out. The intervening time has softened any interest I had – but I suppose I should play a few more and give some thought to what the new maps might add. If I had to get more expansions for a FFG game – I think it would be Cosmic Encounters…or possibly Dust Tactics. Alternatively, if they weren’t so darn cryptic about 2011, the glacial release pace (relative to French release and initial announcement), new rules, and out of stock expansions, would be a lot more palatable.

  • supervike

    I think getting the new rules up and running has now freed them to devote more time towards new development.