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Tanksgiving Special Offer Happening Now From Warlord Games

As we know, Thanksgiving is coming up in just a couple days (the turkey I have at home is ready to head into the brine). Though it's a North American holiday (even if Canada celebrated last month), the whole world is seeing it as the start to the holiday shopping season. So, though they're British, Warlord Games is running a Tanksgiving sale over in their webshop.

Though the name is Tanksgiving, and most of the vehicles involved are tanked, it's not just tanks that are part of the offer. Just so you know before you go in and start screaming "False advertising!" or anything like that. If anything, it'd be false advertising in your favor.

Anyway, just go buy 3 vehicle from the Warlord Games webshop and you get 20% off your order. The sale lasts until the end of the month.