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Talisman: The Nether Realm Digital Expansion Now Available

Digital versions of board games let us play our favorite titles just about anywhere. For those that have the digital version of Talisman, there's a new expansion pack available to help change up your game and offer new challenges for your heroes. It's the Nether Realm set and it's available for download now.

A great wizard had sealed off the Nether Realm, supposedly forever. Apparently, though, the seals have weakened over time and the golden box that had contained it has burst open. Creatures from all sorts of fairy tales are now able to cross over and invade our realm. It's up to your heroes to put things back right again.

This new set gives you three alternate endings for the game as well as 36 Nether cards to add a deeper challenge to your games.

Most versions are available now with iOS coming next week.