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Talisman: The Dragon rules posted

Fantasy Flight Games have posted the rules for the Talisman: The Dragon expansion for the Talisman boardgame. From their website:
Discover how the new draconic threat spreads throughout realm, and learn what challenges await should your character attempt to scale the Dragon King’s tower. Rules for Talisman: The Dragon are now available online on the Talisman support page. The Dragon is an epic level expansion that confronts characters with fearsome foes and a growing draconic threat throughout the game. Dragon tokens pace the increasing danger, and three new decks of dragon cards shed light on the three draconic lords as the players encounter them. With just a few new mechanics, The Dragon alters the face of Talisman, providing players with added depth and richness for the play experience. Additionally, the new Inner Region overlay in The Dragon presents players with new choices and challenges as they move toward the end of the game.