Tails of Equestria RPG Coming To North America Next Year

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 8th, 2016

There’s a big mash-up of companies working together in order to bring you a new, family-friendly RPG next year. River Horse (makers of Terminator Genisys, among others) has made a deal with Shinobi 7 (co-owned by Ninja Division and Seven Seas Publishing) to release the Tails of Equestria RPG (based on Hasbro’s My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) to North American audiences in March of next year. *whew* I did say there was a lot going on there.

The first three products slated to come out are the main core rulebook (152 page hardcover), The Curse of the Statuettes adventure story box set (48-page adventure book, game screen, dice set, and character sheets), and Tokens of Friendship (12 gems and a collector’s bag). The game is designed to be fairly light in terms of mechanics, and more like a group-storytelling game, rather than your crunch-heavy systems. As such, it’s aimed at younger gamers, but the designers say there’s enough there to hold a veteran gamer’s attention. If you’re looking for something to play with the kids, this is that sort of product.

Currently, there’s no word on miniatures coming for the game.

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  • Jared Swenson

    I’m not ashamed to say I am definitely looking forward to this.

    • To be honest, so am I.
      I’ve actually watched the series and really enjoy it (no, I’m not a “bronie.”). It’s a high-quality cartoon product that I feel is on-par with some of the best like Animaniacs or Tiny Toons.
      … Animaniacs and Tiny Toons… now /there’s/ a couple of properties that I’d love to see with RPGs.

      • Daniel36

        Well, I didn’t really get the bronie thing, until my kids were watching it and the ponies got ambushed by a manticore. That’s when I understood! 😀
        I do still prefer my more regular fantasy though…

        • That’s fair (about preferring regular fantasy).

          As for the show, what you can tell is that the writers, actors, and artists enjoy what they’re doing. There’s a /ton/ of references to other cartoons/movies, as well as references within the show (sort of like Community). And, honestly, kudos to the editors, as the comedic timing is spot-on.

          • DB

            Good shows for the young’ns do what Sesame Street did so well (not sure how well it does now fwiw)–give sly winks to the adults watching over their kids from time to time.

            Sometimes watching shows as a family is a chore, but it doesn’t have to be.

    • DB

      For someone of parenting age, this is something nice to share with your kids. Yay family games!

      However, as a youngish coot who has stuck around the LGS way too much, I fear the horrible stories I will hear from That Guy (and his Friends’) gaming table. *shudder*

      • Eh. You ignore them. A couple weeks ago, I was at one of the shops around here, playing some Guild Ball. The store had a Pokemon event going on. Most of the kids were, well, young kids. Were there a couple older dudes also playing? Yeah. I wasn’t paying much attention to things, but it seemed as though everyone was doing just fine. Were the older guys kinda sticking out like a sore thumb? A bit, but apparently they’re regulars and everyone got along just fine.