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Tales of Arcana Roleplaying Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I'm part of a D&D group that almost never meets. I forget when our last session actually was and know we won't be meeting again until sometime next year. Trying to get everyone together is a real chore. The few of us that can sometimes get together could really use just a quick, one-off sort of game to play when we can't get in "real" sessions. Oh, hey, look, there's something just like that with Tales of Arcana.

Designed for use with its own gaming system Tales of Arcana centers around a 112-card deck that contains various fantasy races, classes, traits, armaments, and abilities. Using the various cards, players create their characters at random (or there are rules for using a drafting system instead). You then use the game's own RPG system to play a one-shot session with those characters. As such, you've got a ready-made set of character creation rules and an RPG system built for quick-play wherever and whenever you feel like getting together.

The campaign's about 20% funded with still 25 days left to go.