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Tale of Painters, new hobby blog is live

Tale Of Painters a new hobby and painting blog network is now live.

From their announcement:

Garfy, Sigur and Stahly, known in various forums for their skill in crafting big armies painted to a high painting standard, have teamed up to bring you excellent hobby content and inspiration over at Think of those famous WD articles like "Four Generals"! We do multiple updates each day, posting awesome showcases of our latest models and work in progress snapshots. From times to times we also have great painting and modelling tutorials and insightful reviews of essential hobby gear. They would love to read your comments and answer your questions.

At the moment, there is Garfy (owner of over 13.000 pts of Ultramarines and Tyranids each) blogging about assembling and painting a mighty Forgeworld Thunderhawk, from the very beginning to the end. Sigur (commission painter with a bucketload of both client and personal work) paints a nice Salamanders army with cool Forgeworld goodies as well, with Dreadfleet and an Empire Land Ship not far away. Tale of Painters founder Stahly works on a big Skaven army with an unique colour scheme and eye-catching rust and source lightning effects while enlarging his Ultramarines and Eldar.
There is also a very comprehensive, multipart Dreadfleet review and a helpful guide to magnetic basing and movement trays.

Do you run a tabletop related blog yourself and want to find more readers? Join the Network, add a Tale of Painters banner to your blog and your newest posts will be displayed in the Blog Network widget at Tale of Painters for all our visitors to see. The Tale of Painters crew keep a close eye to the blogs of the Network and from time to time they will present the best blog posts in a post of their own!

The Tale of Painters crew puts their heart and soul into, and they would be glad if you would come over to check what all the fuzz is about. Maybe they can inspire you for your next project with a wicked paint scheme or conversion? Or simply to pick up the painting brush more regularly?