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Takoashi University is Back in Session

Soda Pop Miniatures knows that students are headed back to school this week, and that includes ones in our games. As such, they've made their Takoashi University Back in Session Bundle available over in their webshop. For the next two weeks, you can get this mix of Tentacle Bento and Karate Fight, along with various other whatnots like a Ninja Division bandana, and the Takoashi University Miniatures Set 1 all in one package at a special price.


From the website:

Introducing the Takoashi University, Back to School bundle! From now until January 20th, Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division Publishing are offering this special Takoashi University fan bundle to celebrate the launch of Karate Fight!

Karate Fight: This fast playing, fist-flying game puts you in the middle of the epic martial arts battles between the students of Takoashi university. Karate Fight is a speed matching card game in the tradition of classic games such as Slapjack, Egyptian Ratscrew, and Snip Snap Snorem. Easy to learn and quick to play, Karate Fight is the perfect game when you and your friends need a fast and furious challenge. Download the Rules!

Tentacle Bento: Having sold out of our original print run, this newly printed edition is ready to take the tabletop and introduce you to the students of Takoashi University. Tentacle Bento is a tongue-in-cheek game that pits you against your fellow players in a contest to see which conniving alien can catch the most students before the school year ends. Download the Rules!

Tentacle Bento Holofoil Cards: 19 Holofoil cards featuring new characters and events for you games of Tentacle Bento.

Tentacle Bento Box: Perfect for packing a delicious lunch or for storing your cards.

Takoashi University Miniature Set 1: Bringing Takoashi University back to our roots, Soda Pop introduces the first in a series of wonderful new sculpts celebrating our favorite characters from the Takoashi University games. Sculpted with amazing detail to capture the personality and fun of Takoashi University, these miniatures are a must for any fan. Includes: Tough Cookie Club, Dodge Ball, Study Hall, and School Band miniatures. Each miniature also includes a unique Tentacle Bento, Extra Credit game card!

While Supplies Last: Every purchase of the Back to School bundle will receive two Ninja Division Headbands and a Takoashi University 8x10 poster!

The Back to School Bundle is only available until January 20th so don't miss out on your chance to enroll!