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Take the Galaxy Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Take the galaxy, please!
Eh, I get no respect. *loosens tie*
Ok, so that might not truly be fitting with the theme of Take the Galaxy, a new empire-building card game that's up on Kickstarter, but we could all use some more Rodney Dangerfield in our lives. Anyway, in the game, you're looking to get the biggest chunks of a newly-discovered galaxy for yourself. There's only so many planets out there, and you want the best ones.

From the campaign:

In Take The Galaxy you assume the role of a pioneering faction setting out to explore and colonize a recently discovered galaxy.

You start off with a frontier colony built on a habitable planet with space for one utility outpost. Before you lie the colonisable systems, unpredictable events and wondrous anomalies of the Space Deck. This is where your strategic decisions begin...

Will you aim to seize valuable mineral deposits, and use the income from mining operations to finance expensive high value colonies? Or maybe you prefer to focus on science, and the Renown from being the first to research the wonders of this new galaxy? You can build space ships to boost your economy, or cut corners and use moral flexibility to gain an advantage - and how will you choose to resolve the events that emerge from the Space Deck? These are all hard choices, but your faction is relying on you!

The game is about halfway to its funding goal with still 23 days left to go.