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Zvezda has announced that they're coming out with their next installment in their line of Art of Tactic games. This next one will let you relive the tense battle of Stalingrad during WWII. The box wil
Model Dads posted a new review video. This time it's 2 of Zvezda's reconnaissance plane kits.SourceIn this episode:Up, up and away with 2 new reconnaissance aircraft from Zvezda…
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Ad takes a look and gives you their thoughts of the T-35 tank kit from Zvezda.Note: Links go to the Google Translate page for the site, as it is done originally in Russian.SourceFrom the re
Battle Brush Studios takes a look at the 15mm Matilda II tank kit from Zvezda and gives you their thoughts on the situation.SourceFrom the review:Today we are going to take a look at a 15mm model. Bri
Model Dads continues their video review series with a look at Zvezda's M2A2 Bradley fighting vehicle.SourceFrom the review:Moderns Week continues with Zvezda’s 1/100th M2A2 Bradley. Is this the model
Model Dads continues their review series of Zvezda's line with a look at the BTR-80.From the review:Model Dads rounds off its review of Zvezda's Hot War 1990 model kits test driving the new BTR-80.
Model Dads has another video review up. This one's for Zvezda's T-72B.From the review:Only when the Red Tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked...Model Dads takes a look at Zvezda’s ne
Model Dads continues their video review series. This time it's Zvezda's 1/100th Abrams M1A1.From the review:The good folk at Zvezda have kindly given Model Dads the opportunity to assemble and review
Zvezda announces a new expansion coming out for Samurai Battles.Ninja Attack!From the announcement:The component list for Ninja Attack will be: 18 units of miniatures (a total of 64 individual warrior
Zvezda has announced that they're coming out with a new WWII Tank Combat game.From the announcement:Zvezda is pleased to announce the up-coming release of World War II: Tank Combat—the latest title in
Zvezda has released Blitzkrieg 1940, their latest in their line of WWII board games.From the announcement:The newest installment of Zvezda’s Art of Tactic series of World War II games is in the wareho
Zvezda announces a new game, Samurai Commanders.From the release:Zvezda is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a new historical board game featuring the intense battles of feudal Japan! Samura