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The weekend is just about upon us, everyone. For those in the States, it's a 3-day weekend for many. Here's to hoping that you've got some gaming plans lined up, along with whatever other activities y
You know me. I'm very much a "try before you buy" sort of gamer. So when I hear about a set of rules being put up online for free from a company, I highly respect that move. It lets me, a consumer, ch
Board Game Playmat [3'x5'] Cushioned / Water Resistant
For everyone that's been worried about it: My fruitcake turned out perfectly. :PSince I know that all of you have been waiting with baited breath to find out about it. We'll see how it goes over with
Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are going steady with their Netherworld's Edge: Keystone Kickstarter campaign. They're over 3x funded with a little over 2 weeks left in the campaign. As such, they've
Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are looking to fill your gaming tables with adorable little anthropomorphic mice and rats and other fuzzy-wuzzy little critters... who are armed to the teeth and ready
ZombieSmith and Gary Hunt Miniatures are joining forces to bring you some new miniatures. Well, they're new versions of some older miniatures, that is, at least to start with. They'll be bringing back
ZombieSmith is happy to announce a new faction for Shieldbash, their 15mm fantasy miniatures game. The Ki-kak are ready to make their way onto your tabletop battlefields. There's a starter set, comman
Zombiesmith is having themselves a sale in honor of old man Winter over on their website. They've also got new releases they're showing off. They're adding the Ki-kak to Shieldbash. For their 6mm Quar
Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory have unlocked their Quar Mhudd team over on their Portaball 15mm fantasy sports Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:We have unlocked the Quar Mhudd team! We'll s
Zombiesmith and Flytrap Factory are running a Kickstarter campaign for Portaball, their new 15mm fantasy sports miniatures game.SourceFrom the campaign:Play Fantasy Football anywhere you wish! Portaba
ZombieSmith has their new Riggers squad for Warpod available in their webshop.Crab PlatoonRigger Squad SourceFrom the release:Warpod: Riggers!Riggers are out and 15% off!Use code: pod on checkout!In W
Zombiesmith has released several new types of alien minis as well as a squad of real porkers.SourceFrom the release:New aliens in the A7D12 range! We have two new sets.First, we have the Janitorial St
Zombiesmith is having a sale going on now over on their website. Go check it out along with the new releases they've also put up.From the announcement:15% off everything at Zombiesmith!Its our annual
Zombiesmith has a bunch of new releases for January. As a bonus, they're also running a sale. Why not go get yourself some minis for cheaper than you usually would?From the announcement:Its that time!
ZombieSmith has the Quickstarter PDF rules for their upcoming War of Ashes game available online for your downloading and reading enjoyment.From the announcement:This month sees the online debut of th
ZombieSmith wants you to know all about their Quar's War game and is giving away a primer book to help get you interested.From the update:A primer on the proper behavior upon the field of battle, This
ZombieSmith has some big news for June up on their website. They include some staffing news, some previews and a sale. It's a little something for everyone.From the update:About the sale: Use code: zo
ZombieSmith, makers of War of Ashes, has a new Vidaar Skirmish pack up on their website.From the release:The War of Ashes preview pack of Vidaar is now available! Includes a small selection of the pos
ZombieSmith have been hard at work on their upcoming fantasy setting, War of Ashes. Their first book in the setting will be out this summer, War of Ashes: Shieldwall:From their post:Today we are relea
ZombieSmith previews New medium armor To'ok and Drahoin Scouts. (Plus some Ute'wehi bits!):
Zombiesmith announce new releases:From their announcement:New Coftyran figures!(2) Tractor Crew $8.00(2) Snipers $8.00Field Gun with (3) Crew $17.50
ZombieSmith announce a new Quar sourcebook:From their announcement:Of Spats and Pedrails – 132 pages, full color, softcover Authors: Andrew Binsack, Pete McKenna, Steven Bellin, Anthony Brown and Josh
Zombiesmith posts up greens from their wedding. From their website:The wife and I were married in June 2010. We cast these up and gave them to all of our guests as wedding favors. No Bride is complete
ZombieSmith have added the first of Aaron Brown's Storm of Steel Ute'wehi sci-fi figures to their online store. From their website: There are 13 new Ute'wehi figures, 2 new To'ok figures, some To'o
ZombieSmith have posted an update on some upcoming releases including Aaron Brown's Ute'wehi sci-fi robot figures. From their announcement: We've been quiet over here lately, but that's because we've