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Well, this is a bit of news. We know that Mayfair Games in the past year has relinquished Catan. Well, it seems they're looking to move towards a more... undead direction with acquiring a controlling interest in Twilight Creations, most well-known for the Zombies!!! line of games and accessories.
Many of you have played at least one of version of Zombicide by now, so you know whether you like the basic premise of the series from Guillotine Games. Run around a board made of up different tiles, complete objectives, and kill lots of zombies along with way. Currently, tabletop gamers have their pick of Zombicide, Prison Outbreak, and Rue Morgue (plus a few expansions), each bringing something a little different to the table. If you’re like me, I always felt each one was simply an iteration of the last, not degrading the experience but also not pushing it forward in an overly-meaningful way. However, after having a chance to sit down with a non-final version of the game, I’m happy to say I think that’s all going to change with Zombicide: Black Plague.
Victory Force has a special on their Horde Zombies from Set 1. We can always use more zombies in our lives.

From the announcement:

Zombie Horde Set 1 Special: One of each figure in the Zombie Horde. 100 Zombies No frills, no thrills, zombie figures with basic details perfect as fillers to your zombie horde. Figures in in this set can be used as fun comical zombie fillers, extra cast members, inexpensive cannon fodder.

Victory Force Miniatures announce the availabilty of zombie cheerleaders:

From their announcement:

The Zombie Cheerleaders are now available at VFM. Get the “gurls” Individually, as a Squad, or as a Pyramid Team. They have been chewed up and spit out, but they still cheer the fear.

The Pyramid team comes in three pieces, with some of the girls connected together to form the pieces. Glue the pieces together or keep them separate for easy transportation.

The pyramid easily stands on its own without glue when the pieces rest against each other.

Find them in the Creatures Section of the Victory Store.

Crooked Dice announce a new Zombie Skirmish game:

From their announcement:

In the 1980s 7TV Studios branched out into cheap US horror movies. Relive their late night zombie apocalypses, pitting disparate survivors against relentless hordes of zombies intent on feasting on living flesh.

69 PDF pages of standalone horror wargame adventure. Contains all the 7TV rules you need to get playing, new setting rules, Stars, Co-Stars, Extras, Guest Stars and 4 nail biting episodes. With 9 new event cards, 27 all new scavenge cards and a superb 'build it yourself' cabin in the woods to print and assemble. Available for £9. The deck of deluxe cards will be available later this week.
Mantic Games announce the availability of their German Zombies for Halloween:

From their announcement:

Back by popular demand, the German Zombies are here!

A unique combination kit consisting of the ever popular Mantic Games Zombies and the excellent Warlord Bolt Action German Infantry frames, this 10-20 figure set (depending on how cleverly you configure your troops!) can be built in a multitude of different ways, making full use of all the optional extras and themed parts on the frame – there’s even a German weapon frame included to arm them in a multitude of different ways!

This set contains 3 Mantic Zombie Sprues, 2 German Infantry Sprues and 1 German Weapon Sprues, in addition to a strip of 10 Round Mantic Bases. With October free shipping on orders over £25/€35/$75 and a free £5 off your next order voucher until the 11th October, this set is only available until 11:59pm Monday 31st October – don’t miss it!
Victory Force Miniatures are offering two Zombie specials for four days only. 50 Zombies for $50 Special From their announcement:
VFM Zombie Specials are back for 4 days only. The 50 for $50 Zombie Special 50 randomly picked zombies for $50. and The Zombie Horde Set 1 (complete set) 100 Zombies for $170 save $65 off the normal price. Both are back for 4 days only. Sale ends Saturday so hurry. Find both Specials in the Specials section of the Victory Store
Alle Gegen AlleA new scenario has been posted for Iron Ivan's No More Room In Hell rules. From their announcement:
In the maelstrom of the Eastern Front, 1944 the Dead walk again! Play one of 4 desperate, German survivors trying to escape the Russian Juggernaut's Operation Bagration as you flee Westward seeking sanctuary, but all you find is the Vengeance of your own Dead! Iron Ivan Games proudly announces the first Survival Horror adventure for No More Room In Hell, Alle Gegen Alle. In Alle Gegen Alle you the Survivor must navigate through the Red Storm and the Undead! Alle Gegen Alle is a full color 14 page scenario with new rules for Spotting, Angels of Vengeance, Holy Relics, Cursed Items and Hidden Horrors as well as a full background story and illustrations to the Scenario. Can you Survive the Ost Front when Alle Gegen Alle?!
AnCon Annie, Zombie MasterBailey Records have released the Kaiju Kaos – Zombies expansion for their Kaiju Kaos rules as well as the AnCon Annie zombie figure. From their announcement:
Name: AnCon Annie, Zombie Master Price: $3.00 Faction: Zombies (Serum Z) Sculpted by: Bryan Steele Description: AnCon Annie became a Serum Z Zombie on her prom night after Dr. Kaos contaminated a nearby water source. Since that fateful evening, she has spread the Undead plague across the world as a Zombie Master. Despite numerous attempts, Special Mission Force has been unable to contain her. All Kaiju Kaos miniatures are designed for play with other 28mm (1:56 scale) gaming miniatures. Complete game stats for AnCon Annie can be found at in the Kaiju Kaos – Zombies PDF.
Victory Force Miniatures has brought back their 50 Zombies for $50 Special. 50 Zombies for $50 Special From their announcement:
For all you zombie lovers. The always popular Victory Force Zombie 50 for $50 Special has returned. It just will not stay down. This special consists of 50 randomly picked zombie figures selected from the same figure types as those found in the Zombie Horde Set 1. Figures are randomly picked from the horde pile and you may get repeats. We pick you save. Figures in in this set can be used as zombie fillers, scavengers, casualties, radiation victims, wastelanders, wherever your imagination takes you. Warn your friends. The special is back for a very limited time, so hurry. Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory Store. Don’t forget the other zombie figures and sets available in the Creatures Section of the Victory Store.
Rotting Renaissance RegimentsSaber's Edge is now selling copies of the Rotting Renaissance Regiments supplement for AB One Game's Pike & Shot & Zombies rules. From their announcement:
Saber's Edge is pleased to offer from Stephen Danes' AB One Games "Rotting Renaissance Regiments", a gaming supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombies rules - contains new scenarios, new event cards and a whole bunch of new zombie types to try out. There is also a section on converting your Renaissance figures into menacing, mouldy musketeers as seen on the front cover.
Rotting Renaissance RegimentsAB One Games have released the Rotting Renaissance Regiments supplement for their Pike & Shot & Zombies rules. From their announcement:
AB One Games have just released - Rotting Renaissance Regiments - the third gaming supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombies rules. It contains four new scenarios, new event cards and a whole bunch of new zombie types to try out. There is also a section on converting your Renaissance figures into menacing, mouldy musketeers as seen on the front cover. Now please don’t be alarmed by the sight of gun-totting zombies on the front of this supplement. We are not suggesting that these undead beasts have the wit to use these weapons properly. We are not messing with the time-honoured notion of mindless flesh-eating zombies.
Mantic Games have posted rules to allow you to use Zombies in your games of Dwarf King’s Hold. From their website:
If you’ve got some of the brilliant Mantic Zombie models then you may like to let Mortibris the Necromancer use them as minions in your games of Dwarf King’s Hold. In any scenario that includes Skeleton Warriors, the Necromancer player can choose to replace some or all of them with Zombies at the beginning of the game. Simply set up a Zombie instead of a Skeleton Warrior on the appropriate square on the board. The rules and values for playing with Zombies in the game are below.
Fiendish Fabrications have released a pack of three 28mm Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies. Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies From their announcement:
Fiendish Fabrications Has Raised a New Breed of Zombie Night falls and the jungle awakens with the sounds of the darkness. Bonfires are sparked and the Voodoo Barons hold court. Incantations fill the air and frenzied dancers leap and writhe and on the outskirts of the revelries’ lurk the dreaded Sugar Slave Zombies. Enslaved to plantation owners in life they are now slaves to their voodoo masters in death. Twisted and perverted they are the sword that will strike for freedom when the time is ripe. The Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies come in a pack of 3 and are available now from
Steve Jackson Games is shipping the Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-MeterMunchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter. From their announcement:
Just writing a quick note to let everyone know that the first expansion for Munchkin Zombies, the Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter, has started shipping to distributors. Munchkin Zombies has been doing great for us, selling out as fast as we can get copies in the warehouse, and this first accessory should make it a lot easier for the zombies to deal with the never-ending flood of tasty, tasty braaaiiiinnnsssss.
Victory Force Miniatures are offering their Zombie Horde Deal for $50 off the regular price. Victory force zombie horde From their announcement:
Get the Popular VFM Zombie Horde Deal for only $150 (Save $50) The details: Zombie Horde Set 033002. Useful as fun comical zombie fillers, extra cast members, inexpensive cannon fodder. Many of these figures, with a little converting can also be used as scavengers, casualties, radiation victims, tree huggers, protestors, waste landers, Wherever your imagination takes you. Many with torn clothes, chewed fingers, torn arms and legs, even some with missing legs and arms. This set contains 75 figures. Includes one each of 44 original figures and 31 figures converted from the originals. Does not include any of the zombies found in the Creatures section of the Victory Store. (Does not include any of the Zombie figures starting with the number 3330–) Hurry ends soon. Find it in the Specials Section of the Victory Store.
Studio Miniatures have released their 28mm plastic WWII German Zombie miniatures. WWII German Zombies From their website:
These multipart plastic miniatures are in 28mm. With two bodies, three sets of arms, 1 spare head and a German Army field cap per sprue you have over 100 different possible variations and that’s even before you use the same arms but in different positions. These miniatures come in a box set of 15 sprues giving you 30 different miniatures per set and 30 25mm round plastic bases at £20 per box set.
Troll Forged Miniatures have released a pack 0f 28mm armed fantasy Zombies. Zombies From their announcement:
Troll Forged Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of Nicolas Genovese’s Zombies. Pick 'em individually, or grab a random set. Cast in metal and supplied with 20mm square plastic base.
Hanz ObasMasquerade Miniatures have released a 30mm zombie hunter called Hanz Obas. From their announcement:
What else could be in the news on Friday the 13th ... Hanz Obas a nightmare for all zombies. Be aware of the sound of his steamdriven mowing machine... have released their 28mm "heroic" Zombie head swap pack. A pack of ten are available for &eruo;5.65. Zombie heads
Victory Force Miniatures is once again offering their 50 Zombies for $50 special for a limited time. Victory force zombie deal From their announcement:
Since May is Zombie Awareness Month, the 50 for $50 Zombie Special is back. For a very short time only. Read more at the VFM blog or find the deal in the Victory Store.
Lost Valley SurvivorsSaber's Edge are now selling PDF copies of the Lost Valley Survivors supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombie rules from AB One Games. From their announcement:
Lost Valley Survivors. A supplement for AB One Games Pike & Shot & Zombies The Lost Valley Survivors is the second gaming supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombie rules and contains six new linked missions, new event cards, new armour and weapons - and lots of new zombie types to try them out on. The Lost Valley is set in a post-apocalyptic Renaissance world where rational thought and burgeoning scientific practice is being dragged back to a darker world of fear and suspicion and of course the terrifying undead plague. Since the coming of the plague, the survivors yearn for peace and time spent away from the constant threat of der Auferstandene. The greatest menace comes from the "plague city", that deadweight of evil that burdens the living struggling to survive. Many believe that if they could only escape this land and its malevolent influence they could find peace. Constant patrols are sent out into the wider countryside, always in the hope of finding a land untainted. Dangerous and gruelling though this work is, it must be continued.
Harwood Hobbies have released their RCMP Constable Lestrade horror figure.  RCMP Constable Lestrade From their announcement:
Add a little Canadian flavour to your game!  Harwood Hobbies has released three versions of RCMP Constable Lestrade (normal, armed, and zombified).   All range from 31-33mm to the top of the head and are available individually or as a set of thre
Plague City coverSaber's Edge is selling copies of the Plague City supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombies rules from AB One Games. From their announcement:
AB One Games Plague City - A supplement for Pike & Shot & Zombies by Stephen Danes Plague City is the first game supplement for Pike & Shot & Zombies, the post-apocalyptic Renaissance survival game! Included in this booklet are thirteen scenarios set in the hideous and dangerous confines of the plague city. Once a mighty fortress and great city, perched on the banks of a broad and swift flowing river, beset from all sides by armies and looters and vagabonds. This great city succumbed to its final assault. Armies it could humiliate, besiegers it could resist, but against the cold fury of the dead it could not hold out. Thirty thousand inhabitants stared into the faces of the dead and knew that the end had come. Few escaped the slaughter... Now the living, the survivors, shun this place. Death awaits those that return to the city, death or worse! Smoke and the stench of decay arise from this accursed place. Grey and ragged figures make their shambling progression through ruined streets in an endless quest for living flesh, their blood-caked mouths, dry, shuddering, craving. And yet some survivors look on this forbidding city as a potential source of great wealth. What use to the dead have for the riches of the church, the fine merchant houses and sumptuous palaces? Surely an expedition into this damned city would be worth it. Risky, yes - but rewarding - surely! And for players valiant enough to risk the Plague City, a host of new event-cards await to trip up and challenge these survivors brave enough to enter.