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Well, this is a bit of news. We know that Mayfair Games in the past year has relinquished Catan. Well, it seems they're looking to move towards a more... undead direction with acquiring a controlling
Many of you have played at least one of version of Zombicide by now, so you know whether you like the basic premise of the series from Guillotine Games. Run around a board made of up different tiles,
Victory Force has a special on their Horde Zombies from Set 1. We can always use more zombies in our lives.From the announcement:Zombie Horde Set 1 Special: One of each figure in the Zombie Horde. 100
Victory Force Miniatures announce the availabilty of zombie cheerleaders:From their announcement:The Zombie Cheerleaders are now available at VFM. Get the “gurls” Individually, as a Squad, or as a Pyr
Crooked Dice announce a new Zombie Skirmish game:From their announcement:In the 1980s 7TV Studios branched out into cheap US horror movies. Relive their late night zombie apocalypses, pitting disparat
Mantic Games announce the availability of their German Zombies for Halloween:From their announcement:Back by popular demand, the German Zombies are here!A unique combination kit consisting of the ever
Victory Force Miniatures are offering two Zombie specials for four days only. From their announcement: VFM Zombie Specials are back for 4 days only. The 50 for $50 Zombie Special 50 randomly pick
A new scenario has been posted for Iron Ivan's No More Room In Hell rules. From their announcement: In the maelstrom of the Eastern Front, 1944 the Dead walk again! Play one of 4 desperate, German su
Bailey Records have released the Kaiju Kaos – Zombies expansion for their Kaiju Kaos rules as well as the AnCon Annie zombie figure. From their announcement: Name: AnCon Annie, Zombie Master Price: $
Victory Force Miniatures has brought back their 50 Zombies for $50 Special. From their announcement: For all you zombie lovers. The always popular Victory Force Zombie 50 for $50 Special has return
Saber's Edge is now selling copies of the Rotting Renaissance Regiments supplement for AB One Game's Pike & Shot & Zombies rules. From their announcement: Saber's Edge is pleased to offer fro
AB One Games have released the Rotting Renaissance Regiments supplement for their Pike & Shot & Zombies rules. From their announcement: AB One Games have just released - Rotting Renaissance R
Mantic Games have posted rules to allow you to use Zombies in your games of Dwarf King’s Hold. From their website: If you’ve got some of the brilliant Mantic Zombie models then you may like to let Mo
Studio Miniatures have added a five figure set of Zombie Wedding Party members to their online store. The set is available for £ 12.99.
Fiendish Fabrications have released a pack of three 28mm Sugar Slave Voodoo Zombies. From their announcement: Fiendish Fabrications Has Raised a New Breed of Zombie Night falls and the jungle awak
Steve Jackson Games is shipping the Munchkin Zombies Kill-O-Meter. From their announcement: Just writing a quick note to let everyone know that the first expansion for Munchkin Zombies, the Munchkin
Victory Force Miniatures are offering their Zombie Horde Deal for $50 off the regular price. From their announcement: Get the Popular VFM Zombie Horde Deal for only $150 (Save $50) The details: Zo
Studio Miniatures have released their 28mm plastic WWII German Zombie miniatures. From their website: These multipart plastic miniatures are in 28mm. With two bodies, three sets of arms, 1 spare he
Troll Forged Miniatures have released a pack 0f 28mm armed fantasy Zombies. From their announcement: Troll Forged Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of Nicolas Genovese’s Zombies. Pick '
Masquerade Miniatures have released a 30mm zombie hunter called Hanz Obas. From their announcement: What else could be in the news on Friday the 13th ... Hanz Obas a nightmare for all zombies. Be awa have released their 28mm "heroic" Zombie head swap pack. A pack of ten are available for &eruo;5.65.
Victory Force Miniatures is once again offering their 50 Zombies for $50 special for a limited time. From their announcement: Since May is Zombie Awareness Month, the 50 for $50 Zombie Special is b
Saber's Edge are now selling PDF copies of the Lost Valley Survivors supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombie rules from AB One Games. From their announcement: Lost Valley Survivors. A supplement for
Harwood Hobbies have released their RCMP Constable Lestrade horror figure. From their announcement: Add a little Canadian flavour to your game!  Harwood Hobbies has released three versions of RCMP
Saber's Edge is selling copies of the Plague City supplement for the Pike & Shot & Zombies rules from AB One Games. From their announcement: AB One Games Plague City - A supplement for Pike & Shot &