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Zombicide: Wulfsburg

It's Friday, everyone. Keep calm and we'll get through this just fine and then move onward into the bliss that is the Weekend. My gaming is going to start early, as when I get out of here, I'm going to an Irish Pub nearby for some bangers and mash. Afterward, it's back to my place for Guild Ball (gonna teach a friend that's been wanting to learn since Adepticon). But before I head out, I'm going to have an appetizer of bite-sized gaming stories.

Today we have: New 360 Video Posted by Red Panda Miniatures, UNITS - Post-apocalyptic Loot Cards on Kickstarter, Gale Force 9 demos Tyrants of the Underdark at Origins Game Fair, The Army Painter Running Zombicide & Wulfsburg Painting Bundle Deal, Biohazard Game Contest Happening Now, New X-wing and Armada Accessories from CorSec Engineering, Kromlech Weekend Promo Announced, and Dust USA At Origins.

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walkin' through the streets of Soho in the rain.
Ok, being fair, I've never been to London, and thus, never to Soho. Maybe someday. I hope I don't run into any werewolves, though. And while you might run into a werewolf in the Wulfsburg expansion to Zombicide, you will run into zombie wolves (and the wolfbomination, which is pretty close to a werewolf, but not exactly one), which is probably worse.
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It would seem as though the change of venue has caught the attention of gamers the world over. The launch of Zombicide: Black Plague quickly passed the funding goal (even with the hiccup in the server service that Kickstarter had right at the start) and has shot up well over $1 million in its first day (we're even still a couple hours from a full 24 hours since time of launch). This is more than double what Rue Morgue made on its first day (that had previously held the title for "biggest launch day total for Zombicide).
Seems the previews just never stop for the upcoming Zombicide: Black Plague Kickstarter. Along with all the character previews (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5), box game previews, and the Wulfsburg preview, CMON, has posted up the video that will accompany the Kickstarter campaign. You can check it out embedded below.
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Get ready for more zombie-slaying action, everyone! Guillotine Games has just announced the launch date and time for Zombicide: Black Plague. The campaign will go live at 3pm, Eastern, on June 8th! Get your flaming swords and lightening bolt spells ready. There's more than just zombies coming after you this time. You've got Necromancers added into the mix as they spawn more and more zombies with every new turn.

Want to know more? Click through to see our list of preview articles, including our exclusive looks at the survivors from the main box.
Zombicide: Black Plague takes the fan-favorite zombie-destroying action you love so much and sends it back in time. Set in a fantasy-steeped Middle Ages, players will have to adapt new strategies to stem the tide of undead horrors. The Kickstarter for the campaign is launching early next month and along with the main game, backers will also be able to get Zombicide: Wulfsburg, the exciting first expansion to this new version of the game. It's got something called a Wolf-bombination.
Yeah, you know you want to read on.