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We're once again between the weekends. With any luck, the week is treating you right. Anyone got some mid-week gaming planned? League nights at the shop? Some after-work RPG sessions? Bueller? Bueller?

Anyway, we've collected some bite-sized news stories and now present them to you.

In this batch we have: New Warband Monsters released at Pendraken, New Broom Binder House from Thomarillion, JoeK Minis sends Heracles on the Odyssey, Box Art Previewed for War of Wonders, New Minotaur from Ax Faction, Mini Idol of Cthulhu & First 75mm mini by Kabuki Models, Update #21 For Manorhouse Workshop Modular Underground Project, Agaricath: Drow City Map From Heroic Maps, New display bases from, Brigade Models Release new 6mm SF Buildings, and iToysoliders is ready to celebrate our 1000th Battle.

Senji Studios has a review up of the Ziterdes Windmill terrain piece. Is it the right part for your gaming table?

From the review:

The recently released Ziterdes Windmill is one of the most intricate sets they have made to date. It incorporates laser cut MDF pieces to their foam cast buidings. Something they really have not done before.

Ziterdes New Terrain Pieces:

From their announcment:

We announced a few new items at the SPIEL in Essen. We are proud to show you these great new Bits&Pieces now - even if some weeks are already gone since the SPIEL closed the doors.

Ziterdes will be raising their prices as of September 1st, 2011. From their announcement:
Place your order, stock up your shelves & storeroom and save money… because even if we managed in the past 3 years to provide you with stable prices, although we've had to include increasing commodity prices, today there is no way around for us to adjust the prices from September 1st, 2011 on. All Orders (made by fax or email) which we will arrive here at our office prior to September 1st, will benefit from the old prices. Call orders can not be taken into account.
Senji Studios have posted a review of the Ziterdes Emperor’s Palace terrain set.
Apartment House  Ground Floor with roofZiterdes have released several new terrain released as well as some remastered terrain pieces. From their announcement:
We are proud to announce you several brand new resin Bits & Pieces parts. In addition to that we haveretooled, improved the great Apartment House and decreased the prices. Steam-Punk: Also made of resin is this great knight tent for the fantasy and medieval gamblers. Apartment House: Improved and retooled apartment house ground floor and additional floor but decreased prices. We are looking forward to your order.