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Z-Man Games Posts Condottiere Overview

Z-Man Games is coming out with a new edition of Condottiere. Players are in control of an Italian city-state and must use their armies to enforce their dominance over the country. In this article, Z-Man Games gives us a general overview of how the game works, so those that might be jumping in now can know what to expect when it hits the shelves.

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Z-Man Games Announces A Feast For Odin: The Norwegians

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A viking's life for me! Ok, I know that's not really how the song goes, but unless I wanted to just start posting Amon Amarth lyrics, I don't know many viking songs. Besides, they're from Sweden, not Norway, which is where you'll be headed in the new expansion for A Feast For Odin, The Norwegians, that Z-Man Games has announced.

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Z-Man Games Posts Interview With Condottiere Artist

Art in a game can be just as important as rules or fluff. You could have a great rules set, but if the art is just kinda "bleh," it can ruin the whole thing. Thankfully, there's a lot of talented artists out there. For example, there's Tomasz Jedruszek, who Z-Man Games tasked with doing the art for a new version of Condottiere. In this interview, we get a look at what inspired him when creating the new art pieces.

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Z-Man Games Announces Pandemic: Fall of Rome

If you're so goth, where were you when we ransacked Rome?

A rather silly question, to be sure (you were hanging out in the Collosseum, petting the lions), but it's one that you can live out in the new version of Pandemic that Z-Man Games has announced. Barbarian hordes are gathering outside the walls and the citizens of Rome are trapped. The garrisons are stretched thin. Will they be able to hold out or is the Fall of Rome inevitable? The new edition is available to order now.

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Z-Man Games Announces Anniversary Edition of Stone Age

In this Year of New Editions, that includes anniversary editions of games. In this case, Stone Age is celebrating 10 years of placing workers in a prehistoric city. Z-Man Games has announced that they're taking pre-orders for a new version, with new components, a double-sided map, and rules for playing in the cold of winter. Have a look.

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Review Roundup

Woooooo! Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I started my weekend off with some D&D, and that's actually what I'm doing again now (through the miracle of future-scheduling posts). But no matter what you're doing, I know you're here to check out some reviews. So, while my Bard is hopefully not getting stabbed to death, let's see what we've got this week.

We have: Starship Samurai, Tofu Kingdom, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, My First Stone Age, Fae, Duhr: The Lesser Houses, HOPE, Dwarves with Swords, and Hero Master.

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Z-Man Games Taking Orders For Love Letter: Wedding Edition

First comes love. Then comes marriage. At least, that's how the old saying goes (well, "saying" being an old mocking tune, but still). Love Letter has been reskinned several ways, but now things are getting serious. The wedding invitations are going out, and it's time to get hitched (shotguns optional). Z-Man Games is taking orders for Love Letter: Wedding Edition.

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Z-Man Taking Pre-Orders For Pandemic 10th Anniversary Edition

Hard to believe, but Pandemic has been around for 10 years. A full decade of sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy heads, and fevers. With this milestone being reached, Z-Man Games is coming out with a special 10th anniversary edition of the game. Pre-orders are being taken now, and those that are lucky will get a set of painted miniatures to go with it.

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Z-Man Games Posts New Mesozooic Preview

As the historical documentary Jurassic Park has shown, running your own dinosaur zoo/theme park isn't easy. Even when a lot of planning goes into it, things can still go wrong. Each of us has our own idea of what would work, and in Mesozooic, we can put our money where our mouth is and spare no expense on creating the best dinosaur park ever. Z-Man Games has posted up a new preview, as well as an announcement of trying out the game at Gen Con.

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Z-Man Games Posts New Race to the New Found Land Preview

When you have a fleet of ships, you have a lot of options open for what they can do. They can go out and start new settlements. They can go out and search for new lands. They can transport cargo. How you assign each one will go a long way into determining how wealthy you become from their endeavors. At least, that's what you do in Race to the New Found Land. In this preview, we get a look at just how the different actions in the game work.

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