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Your Move Games

Sometimes, getting some fresh faces and ideas into a company can really have a positive impact on things. Your Move Games has come under new management and is looking to work on their backlog of Kickstarter projects as well as get some new products out the door.
Steve Jackson Games has announced that they're going to be teaming up with Your Move Games to bring their Ogre character (well, it's a character that's a city-block+ sized tank, but still, it's a character) to the Battle for Hill 218 world. As such, the legions of soldiers and tanks from the Hill 218 game will have to see if they can defend against the AI of an Ogre.

From the announcement:
Your Move Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to update and reprint Hill 218 as well as create its sequel game, Battle for Sector 219.

Hill 218


From the campaign:

For Sector 219 we've commissioned fantastic new art. Each unit type will have two beautiful pieces (one for each army) showing sci-fi/mech units ready for battle. I think the overall art portfolio for Sector 219 is one of the best you'll ever see for a stand-alone $12 game.

If you've already got a copy of Hill 218, maybe it's time to get a new one, or to give a copy to a friend. It's definitely time to pick up the sequel. If you don't have a copy yet, check out the reviews, play the free online version and treat yourself to one of the best, and fastest, two-player tactical games out there. (And buy the sequel, too.)

Your Move Games is in their final week up on Kickstarter for their Alexander vs. Persia: Battlegrounds card game campaign.
They've made more than 3x their goal, so be sure to check out the extras.



From the campaign:

Foot Companion ($25) or higher level supporters will receive the following promotional unit cards:

2 additional Foot Companion units printed on a single double-sized card.
3 Agema unit cards depicting Nikanor.

This gives all of our supporters a total of 6 single-card Foot Companion units, enough to field an entire line of them on the tabletop if you wish!

Also, in the theme of Alexander's Afghan campaigns, this stretch goal also includes Nikanor leading a unit we have named the Agema