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Your Move Games

Battleground Fantasy Warfare is a fantasy miniatures game that doesn't use minis. Instead, units are represented by card units that you place on the field. For those that like the idea of a minis game
Sometimes, getting some fresh faces and ideas into a company can really have a positive impact on things. Your Move Games has come under new management and is looking to work on their backlog of Kicks
Steve Jackson Games has announced that they're going to be teaming up with Your Move Games to bring their Ogre character (well, it's a character that's a city-block+ sized tank, but still, it's a char
Your Move Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to update and reprint Hill 218 as well as create its sequel game, Battle for Sector 219.SourceFrom the campaign:For Sector 219 we've commissioned fantas
Your Move Games is in their final week up on Kickstarter for their Alexander vs. Persia: Battlegrounds card game campaign.They've made more than 3x their goal, so be sure to check out the extras.Sourc