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A pair of new expansions for Yashima are going to be headed soon to shops. They're also available now for pre-order over in the Greenbrier Games webshop. They're the new Legend of the Icy Peaks and Le
Noobsource lets us know what they think about the fantasy game, Yashima, in this article.SourceFrom the post:During our GenCon visit with the folks at Greenbrier Games, we were presented with an early
Yashima is in their final week over on Kickstarter. There's still plenty of exciting stretch goals to get through. Greenbrier Games also gives us a look at what's coming up next for the company.Curren
Games on our Table takes a preview look at Yashima from Greenbrier Games as well as posts up a small interview with one of the creators.It's originally in Italian, just so you know.SourceFrom the post
The Escapist takes a look at Yashima, the new fantasy miniatures game from Greenbrier Games.SourceFrom the article:Potent warriors empowered by ancient spirits and gods, each a trained disciple of the
Arcane Wonders and Greenbrier Games have teamed up to bring one of the Mage Wars wizards to Yashima.SourceFrom the announcement:Greenbrier games has another successful project on their hands and Arcan
Greenbrier Games posted up a couple video reviews they've gotten of Yashima, their new minis game.SourceFrom the post:Yashima: Legends of the Kami Master, now on Kickstarter, has been getting some gre