March Releases Available From CMON

It’s the last day of the month. We’re 1/4 of the way through the year. The summer heat isn’t far away. Time to get your board game collection bulked up and get set for some hot months ahead (or cold ones, if you’re down south). CMON’s got a whole bunch of new releases available today that you can pick up at your LGS.
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XenoShyft Now Available On Steam

Sometimes you find yourself with some extra time on your hands that you might not have expected and you want to game. Unfortunately, you might not have thought to bring any games with you. Or you’re in a place where it’s not really feasible to pull out a board game and start playing. That’s where mobile versions of games come in. CMON is happy to announce that their critically-acclaimed deckbuilding game, XenoShyft, is now available on Steam.
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Final Hours for XenoShyft Dreadmire Kickstarter

The Brood is pressing their advantage. The base is starting to crumble. NorTec bodies litter the ground. The transport ships are on their way, but who will make it to the Xenosathem first? Time is of the essence, delaying could mean tragedy. The final hours of XenoShyft: Dreadmire up on Kickstarter are upon us. You only have until 3pm (Eastern) today to pledge.
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XenoShyft: Immolation Expansion Added to Dreadmire Kickstarter

Even though temperatures are dropping here in the Eastern part of the US, things are certainly heating up over on the XenoShyft: Dreamire Kickstarter campaign. The NorTec Corporation isn’t looking to just get Xenosathem from one or two planets. Anywhere they can find this valuable resource, they’re going to go after it, no matter what sort of hellish conditions may exist on the planet it is found on. And “hellish” is certainly the right term for this next planet. How about a little fire, Scarecrow?
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XenoShyft: Dreadmire Passing Stretch Goals

Well, it’s been a bit more than a day since the launch of the XenoShyft: Dreadmire Kickstarter campaign. Seems you guys are as eager to get that Xenosathem as the guys at NorTec (or the monsters in the Brood), as they’ve gone through quite a few stretch goals since the campaign. They’ve added various new cards to the box, as well as full-art cards as well. Well, the first add-on has been posted as well, if you’re interested.
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XenoShyft Dreadmire Kickstarter Launches

I tell you 16 tons, what do you get? Another wave of monsters that are eating your head.
Dreadmire, the latest expansion for Xenoshyft, the cooperative deckbuilding game from CoolMiniOrNot, is now live on Kickstarter. This set is both an expansion and a new base game, so if you don’t have the previous box set, that’s alright, you can jump right in.
I hope you brought your foul-weather gear. Good thing a rain slicker will also help keep your other soldier’s blood off of your equipment, too…
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XenoShyft Dreadmire Kickstarter Launch Date Posted

Progress marches on! The wheels of commerce and trade will not be stopped! Better get out of the way! NorTec is setting their sights on another planet rich in Xenosathem and they’re not afraid to send wave after wave of troops in order to get it out of there.
Wait. Wave after wave? Troops? It’s not going to be as easy as, “land on planet. Extract Ore. Profit” is it? Oh heck no it isn’t. Dreadmire, the next expansion for Xenoshyft will be hitting Kickstarter in just under a week.
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New Dreadmire Cards Previewed for XenoShyft

As January gets closer, we also get closer to the launch of the new Kickstarter campaign for XenoShyft‘s next expansion, Dreadmire. Full of new NorTec gear as well as monsters from the Brood, the game brings in new mechanics based on the changing weather of the planet. Today we get a quartet of new previews to check out.
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New Dreadmire Preview Cards Posted

With all the fog outside here today, you could almost think you were in a swamp. Though I don’t think that just wandering around Atlanta is anywhere near as deadly as walking around in XenoShyft. There don’t tend to be giant monsters waiting to jump out at you here in Atlanta. Either way, we’ve got another quartet of preview cards to check out.
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New NorTec Cards Previewed For XenoShyft

Well, the other day we got a look at some of the upcoming cards for The Hive in the new XenoShyft expansion, Dreadmire, which is coming to Kickstarter in January. Of course, if there’s going to be some new Brood cards, there should be some new NorTec cards to fight against them. It wouldn’t be much of a game if there were just aliens to wreck your base and no way to defend it.
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CoolMiniOrNot Posts Preview of New Cards For XenoShyft

Going up and down the halls here, I often pass by the development office. I can always tell when they’re working on new XenoShyft cards when I hear them cackling with sadistic glee. They’re currently getting all the workings right for Dreadmire, the new expansion coming to Kickstarter in January. They’ve posted some previews that I thought you’d like to see.
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Midweek Snippets

The week is continuing along at a fairly standard rate. However, it seems today really put on the accelerator and we’re going full-tilt through the day. It’s already time for the Midweek Snippets post (which is also midway through our broadcast day here, if you’ve never noticed before). Which means I’m halfway through my day as well. Good times.

Anyway, today’s batch of bite-size stories includes: RONE Passes Funding Goal – Posts Gameplay Video, Blackwater Gulch: Savage Beasts Available Now, Xenoshyft Dreadmire Expansion Teased, Buy the Rights Receives the ‘Major Fun Award’, 29K Stretch Goal Unlocked in Kensei Undead Kickstarter, Massive Awesome Reveals The Hulking Kodiak Tactical Heavy Frame For Shattered Earth, Legends of British Steampunk: Roleplay & Wargames Miniatures On Kickstarter, Tabletop-Art Previews Rockabilly Heads, New Warthrone approved army list: Lizardmen from Warhammer, Kromlech New Release – Legionary Chain Swords,

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Lots of new Releases From CoolMiniOrNot

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale that CoolMiniOrNot is running isn’t the only news they have going on this weekend. They have a bunch of new releases to show off as well. Blood Rage, Rum & Bones, Dark Age, and XenoShyft! Oh my!
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XenoShyft: Onslaught Now On Steam Greenlight

For those of you that like to play your various games digitally, Steam is a great resource. One of the things on Steam is Steam Greenlight. These are games that will hopefully be coming to Steam, but aren’t quite there yet. In order for it to be there, you gotta vote for it. Well, CoolMiniOrNot’s deck-building game, XenoShyft has the digital version there and they’re looking for you to go vote it into existence.
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CoolMiniOrNot Releases Grafting Lab Expansion for XenoShyft

You know, sometimes whatever appendages you’re born with just aren’t good enough in order to stem the tide of oncoming enemy aliens (*fluffs up hair* … Alieeeens) all looking to steal away the stones you’re trying to mine from their planet. It’s ok. There are ways to make you stronger, faster, better. That’s where the Grafting Lab comes in, and you can now add one to your XenoShyft decks.
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CoolMiniOrNot Posts XenoShyft Grafting Lab Expansion Preview Video

XenoShyft: Onslaught is getting its first retail expansion. The deck-building card game where you and your other teammates must mine for Xenosathem for NorTec and keep it safe from the murderous fauna that inhabit the planet. And trust me, they want that Xenosathem every bit as much as the company does and they’re not going to let you stand in their way. The new set adds the Grafting Lab to your library of cards.
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Xenoshyft iOS launch sale

Looks like more tabletop companies are moving into the digital realm. CMON has announced their first app title with Xenoshyft , on sale now on the Apple app store. The App takes the XenoShyft cooperative deck-building card game and puts it right on your phone or tablet. Mine for Xenosathem, but beware of the local fauna, as they want to get their hands on it, too, and they’ll not hesitate to run over and tear apart anything in their path to get at it.
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Video Coverage from CMON from Day 1 of Gen Con 2015

Gen Con is fully underway now. The first day went by in a flash. The energy in the air was palpable. Everyone I’ve talked to agrees that this year is much busier than last. When the doors open, there’s a huge rush as all the eager gamers head to the various booths in order to get the latest and greatest. One booth that attracted a lot of attention was CMON’s. With lots of new games available for the first time, the line quickly wrapped around the whole double-booth that they have.
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TGN Sunday Edition: Review Roundup

Hey everyone. Welcome to another Sunday Edition here on TGN.
Now, some of you might’ve noticed that we ran Sunday Snippets on Saturday and are doing the Review Roundup here on Sunday.
I’m… not entirely sure how that happened actually. I think all the necromantic energy from the Zombicide previews got to me and confused up my brain! All day yesterday felt like Sunday. It wasn’t until like 4-5pm that I was like, “Wait… it’s Saturday!” Anyway, we’ve got your reviews for you today.

This week we’ve got reviews/previews of: Pathfinder Battles: The Lost Coast Booster, Kromlech Orc Character Set, 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy, K2, XenoShyft, Fief France 1429, Samurai Spirit, Deus, and Galactic Strike Force.

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Announcing: Xenoshyft: Dreadmire Playtest

XenoShyft puts players in charge of a NorTec mining operation as they look for Xenosathem, a very valuable mineral. However, The Horde, a name given to various groups of alien life forms, are also looking for Xenosathem. And the only thing standing between your bottom line and a grisly death is how you deploy your NorTec defense forces. Well, things are getting nastier as XenoShyft: Dreadmire takes you into the swampy, nasty areas and still tells you, “survive if you can.” New Weather effects in this stand-alone expansion will challenge players like never before. That’s where you come in.
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CMON At KublaCon, Events and Special Promos To Be Had

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
Yeah, ask your parents about that song. Anyway, whether you have flowers in your hair or not, if you’re in San Francisco this weekend, be sure to stop by KublaCon for all sorts of fun gaming to be had. CMON will be there with plenty of events to keep you entertained. Also, they’ve teamed up with Game Kastle. For the first time ever, if you buy CMON products from the Game Kastle booth, you can pick up CMON special promotional miniatures from them!
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TGN Saturday Edition: Review Roundup

Hello again TGN Readers and welcome once more to Saturday. With any luck, you’re gaming. I know I am. We’ve got one of our guys in my D&D game moving to Ohio this summer, so we’re trying to get in as many sessions as we can before he goes.

As per usual, we’ve collected together various review articles we’ve found during the week and present them to you here now.

In this week’s articles, we’ve got reviews/previews of: Roll for the Galaxy, Gruff, Alchemists, Chaosmos, Elysium, Arboretum, Battle Sheep, Ystari, Spike, Patchwork, XenoShyft, Salvation Road, Tide of Iron: Next Wave, Stones of Fate, and Dungeon Crawler Fantasy RPG Miniatures Sets 1 to 3.

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XenoShyft Onslaught Deck-Building Game Now Available from CMON

CMON now has their XenoShyft Onslaught Deck-Building Game available over in their webshop. In XenoShyft, players are department heads of various NorTec Corporation Divisions. The corporation is looking for Xenosathem, a powerful fuel source and vital component in various items that NorTec makes (mostly various forms of weaponry). However, NorTec isn’t the only one looking for Xenosathem. The Hive (as they’re called by NorTec) also wants it, and they’re not going to let some pesky humans and their buildings get in their way. Players in XenoShyft must work together to repel waves of Hive forces, using their collected Xenosathem to purchase new weapons, equipment, and troops in the process. Will your base prevail, or will it be entirely overrun by Hive forces in their ceaseless quest to get Xenosathem?
You can purchase your copy now.

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Xenoshyft Production update posted

CoolMiniOrNot lets us know how things are coming along with XenoShyft, their new deck-building game.


From the post:

Mr. Black here, dear backers, and I have another update for you guys!

First off, here are some shots of the Ajax and Defender models.
For reference, the Ajax is on a 40mm Base (which is of course included as well).

Meanwhile, the Defender here is on a 50mm Base (included as well).
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XenoShyft funds, previews expansion

CoolMiniOrNot successfully completed their XenoShyft Kickstarter campaign, coming close to 10x funded. They’ve posted up some artwork for the first expansion they’re going to be working on.



From the update:

It’s been a fun ride, dear backers. Of course we’ll be keeping you updated during the production process. It’s not that long until November, dear backers, and we have lots to do.

So from everyone here in Development, as well as everyone else here at CoolMiniOrNot, we thank each and every one of you.

… …

Ahem, so some of you have been asking just what the future holds for XenoShyft… Well, I don’t want to leave you guys completely in the dark, because as we’ve learned through this Kickstarter, the monsters out there are very real and very dangerous…

The story of NorTec’s struggle with The Hive might be concluded (for now, anyway), but the universe is a big, big place… Thousands of worlds… Thousands of conflicts… Millions of stories…

So I’ll leave you with this one question, dear backers:

Would you survive the Frostbite?

Final hours for XenoShyft, stretch goals unlocked

CoolMiniOrNot is in their final couple of hours on Kickstarter for XenoShyft. They’ve made it over the $220k mark and are looking for your feedback on a new boss monster.

6 Player Add-On Pack


From the campaign:

Backers! Mr. Black here, and the $210,000 goal has been met, meaning the Infestation Pack has been UNLOCKED!

All backers will be receiving four Deathmaw, Gore Mosquitoes, and Grave Titan Tarantulas!

So just what is this mystery bug? Well, that is my personal thank you toward the Kickstarter backers, showing that the most horrifying enemy of all is… MAN!

No, just kidding.

Gather ’round Kickstarters, because I wanted this to be something special for you guys and I thought this would be the best way to do it. Turn on your imaginations and channel into that horrific realm deep inside because… We’re making a Boss Monster 🙂

That’s right! You guys are going to help us design the latest incarnation of death for The Hive!

Final 24 hours for XenoShyft Kickstarter

CoolMiniOrNot has just one day left in their XenoShyft Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made it well over their funding goal and have unlocked plenty of extra sets for the game. Go check it out.

Reinforcement Pack 3


From the campaign:

At the $185,000 level you’re going to get the very last Experimental Item Set, as well as TWO new Troops! AND I’m going to give you NINE OF EACH OF THEM!

This is my personal reward to you guys for all the help you’ve given us during the campaign. It’s been truly appreciated.

I am fully committed to giving you guys, the loyal backers, whatever I can to say thanks for getting us this far, and you guys have been requesting more Hive aliens for…well quite a while… This isn’t super easy, however, as the art assets for them take a stupid long time to get done (amazing art isn’t fast, as I’m sure you’re aware!) and I want to make delivery time- that is one of my absolute highest priorities. But after speaking to our artist, we’re getting four new Hive cards commissioned- one for each Wave… As well as a mystery surprise…

I’m not going to spoil it unless we unlock that goal though, so we’ll see 😉
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Heading to new XenoShyft stretch goals

XenoShyft passed their previous stretch goal and so there’s a new one up.

New Gear


From the campaign:

At the $160,000 level all backers will be receiving the latest batch of Experimental items, as well as our Heroic Ranger, Sergeant “hunter-Killer” Bishop, and perhaps most interesting, nine of the NorTec Field Commander, a card from a future expansion so new and fresh we don’t even have art for it yet! We’ll show you that when available though, we promise 🙂

Reinforcements Are On the Way + Questionable Ethics for XenoShyft

XenoShyft added new reinforcements to their Kickstarter campaign. Plus, you can get the Grafting Lab as an add-on.

Grafting Lab


From the update:

In this mini-expansion for XenoShyft: Onslaught, players will receive the following:

1x Grafting Laboratory Division Card
30x “Grafting” Item/Upgrade Cards (5 copies of 6 different Grafts)

Backers, there are many who would consider taking mechanical parts, and even worse, parts of your enemy, and replacing (or adding to) your own flesh with them… There are also some who would say victory does not come at a cheap cost…

XenoShyft rulebook and card preview posted

CoolMiniOrNot posted up a link to the XenoShyft rulebook as well as some card previews over on their Kickstarter campaign.



From the update:

Hello backers! Mr. Black here, and today I have a very special update for you.

First up, here is a direct link to the Prototype XenoShyft Rulebook! Please note that content has been changed to reflect current Kickstarter inclusions, and ALSO note that it’s not the final version, so some content may be moved around, some of the card references may change, may be a few typos left to correct etc etc.

It does however show you the rules of the game and how everything works, like a good rulebook should 🙂

Official XenoShyft website launches

XenoShyft has their official website now up and running.

Major Killer Whale Clay RENDER


From the launch:

The XenoShyft Onslaught campaign is still going strong on Kickstarter, but the official website for XenoShyft is now live! Artwork from the game, gameplay info, updates about the Kickstarter, and all videos and media about the game are now in one convenient place! Check it out!

Experimental Research Authorized + Game Play Video for XenoShyft

XenoShyft made it through some more stretch goals for their campaign. Plus, they’ve got a couple videos to check out on their page as well for both game play and player reactions from the CMON Expo.

NorTec Heroes


From the campaign:

We’ve hit $75,000, which means the latest stretch goal has been unlocked:

Every backer will now receive a set of the Kickstarter Exclusive hero cards Major “Killer Whale” Clay, Brigadier General Krueger, Corporal “Savior” Dewitt, Sergeant “Grim Reaper” Deckard, and Lieutenant “Doombringer” Harkins!

With that stretch-goal down NorTec is now authorizing development of some new equipment and items

XenoShyfting through stretch goals

CoolMiniOrNot continues to make it through stretch goals in their XenoShyft Kickstarter campaign.
More aliens! More heroes!



From the campaign:


We’ve broken the $65k mark so we’re unlocking 1 Wave 2 Hive Boss card and 1 Wave 3 Hive Boss card for all boxes of XenoShyft Onslaught!

We’re only on day two of this awesome Kickstarter project and we’ve already unlocked a bunch of stretch goals! Let’s keep spreading the word and asking others to back!

The Escapist writes about XenoShyft

The Escapist Magazine wrote a little article about XenoShyft and the game making over $50k in just its first day up on Kickstarter.



From the post:

CoolMiniOrNot launched a Kickstarter campaign June 5 for its latest tabletop game, XenoShyft Onslaught. In just one day, the campaign has raised more than twice its goal, with over $55,000 pledged by 1,178 backers. XenoShyft Onslaught is a cooperative game for one to four players. Players must defend their base against waves of terrifying aliens, using a deck-building mechanic to build their defenses and fight off the attacking horrors. To win, players must survive nine rounds of bombardment by the aliens, who were awoken by the player’s strip mining activities. The Kickstarter campaign runs for just two weeks, ending on June 18.