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Well, in a game of rather disturbing individuals, that's a rather particular disturbing individual we've got here. It's White Eyes and you can get a look at his stats before he makes his ways to your
You might think that a horse with some heavy armor on it might be the heaviest cavalry you'll find out on the battlefield. But those that run war elephants are gonna be like, "hold my beer." Check out
Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board
Ok, so the plushie isn't necessarily *for* Vagrantsong. But, it does come with three exclusive cards for the game. So, you completionists out there will want to check it out.
Wyrd knows that without gaming stores, there'd be very little gaming scene out there. So, they're looking to help. Just stop by your LGS and make a qualifying purchase and they'll send you a free alt
"Madness" is a way that you can certainly define the world of Malifaux. And it's into this madness that you'll go in Madness of Malifaux, the new expansion book coming for the game announced by Wyrd.
<weewoo! weewoo! weewoo!> Yup, it's a Giant Dragon Alert in this Malifaux news brief. Wyrd loves to make alternate sculpts of figures for special occasions like shows and holidays. And they've g
Man... I'd not thought about it, but Gen Con isn't that far away. And even though I'll probably not be going, it's still something to be excited about. Wyrd's certainly excited, as they're coming out
There's nothing quite like a relaxing walk in the woods. For Gwyll, every walk is a relaxing walk in the woods. He brings it with him wherever he goes. Get a look at this new figure for Malifaux in th
If you're looking for a rock-solid addition to your forces in Malifaux, you can't get more rock or more solid than the Lohith. Get a look at this new, upcoming figure and its stats in this new preview
No, it's not a piece of fluff. It's a new mini. The Story of Raijin will be making its way to your Malifaux tabletops soon and you can get a look at a render of his mini as well as his card in this pr
Wyrd's showing off a new unit that's going to be pulling double duty on tabletops soon. They're the Hex Bows and you can use them in both Malifaux and The Other Side. Get a look at their stat cards fo
Couldn't get enough Bayou Bash? Wish there was more? Well, Wyrd Games has heard your cries and is pleased to announce Hog Wild, a new expansion for the game. Strap on your fastest frogs, let's see wha
Blending in with one's surroundings can make you more likely to get your target when hunting. And putting on the skin of some other animal is certainly one way to do it. That's what the Skulker Skins
I feel like it's been a long time since I've posted about a colored goop contest. But we have ourselves a colored goop contest going on. Wyrd is running their Flowers and Showers Painting Contest now.
You know, you don't have to go full-on with a hobby or talent. You can just do it when you kinda feel like it. You dabble. And soon, you'll be able to dabble more with Malifaux because the Dabblers mi
Wyrd's Easter Sale is happening now. Head over and get some good deals on figures as well as some alternate-sculpts that you might not be able to grab elsewhere.
Easter is just around the corner and, as is their tradition, Wyrd is having themselves a sale, including new and rarely-available Alternate models of some of your favorite characters. I'm a sucker for
Wyrd has 3 more Neverborn Starter Sets for Malifaux than they want to sell. So, they're giving them away. Head over and get your name in the hat to see if you can win one.
When you're breaking on through to The Other Side, being on top of a giant lizard-thing would make it much easier. And that's just how Takiyasha heads into battle. Check out this new Commander for The
We actually had some snow here last weekend in Atlanta. Thankfully, it wasn't a lot and it was basically gone by the next morning. Not much chance for it to get blood on it. But that's not the case in
It's been a bit since we've gotten any specific The Other Side previews. That doesn't mean Wyrd hasn't been working on it. And when we did finally get this preview, it was a big-'un. Have yourselves a
'Tis the season of giving. And Wyrd Games is putting on their gift-giving pants with their December giveaway. Head over and enter for chance to win a Remade & Reforged box for Malifaux.
How about starting the new year with a new job in the gaming industry? Someone will get the opportunity as Wyrd Games is hiring a new Game Designer. Yeah, "the big one" most people want. Head over and
The holiday season is upon us and that means lots of potential time to get together with your gaming group and get a session in. If you're looking for a quick, one-shot, the Penny Dreadful line is per
The new expansion for Malifaux is now available. It's called Malifaux Burns and you can get the pdf version of it now. You can also head to the app and make sure that your figure's cards are up-to-dat