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Wyrd Games

Wyrd's having to adjust things, just as everyone is these days. They've posted their March Newsletter which gives an updated release schedule for the next two months. Want to know when your next set of Malifaux minis will be hitting store shelves? You'll want to check it out.

It's time to once again take a look at a preview from the Explorer's Society, which will be Malifaux's 8th Faction. This time around, we're getting a look at the Brocken Spectre and his amazing neckwear. How will you be integrating this new faction into your game? Will you be picking them up or just having to brace against them on the opposite side of the field?

Very few game companies love their holidays like Wyrd Games does. Any time one comes around, you can bet that they'll have something special going on. This time around, it's Valentine's Day and they've got a new Scheme for Malifaux as well as an Augment for Through the Breach. Add a bit of love to your games today.

Gaming is a global industry. Games can be designed in one country, developed in another, and produced in a third for shipping all over the world. So, while something may  not be taking place right in our back yard, it can still have an effect on the gaming world. For example, the deadly Coronavirus epidemic. Wyrd has announced that due to this terrible disease, their releases are going to be delayed.

Wyrd has posted up some new artwork to get you excited about the upcoming faction for Malifaux, the Explorer's Society. They're the Daeva and they look like some sort of tall, lanky, gentleman. They've got really long arms and long fingers. They're like some sort of slender... man... or something.

There's a new faction coming soon for Malifaux. They're the Explorer's Society. In this preview, we get a look at their first Master, Lord Narfumwhatbrainlumpfordsomethingshire! Err... Lord Cooper. Sign on the dotted line and have yourselves a look-see.

A game can be the greatest game ever, but if you can't get a hold of it, what good does it do you? Well, if you want to get games from Wyrd but your LGS hasn't been able to make it happen through their current distribution channels, Wyrd's opening up a Direct Retail Program to sell their products right to your game store.

While I like having a physical version of a book to read through, I do also greatly appreciate digital versions of rulebooks. At the very least, it's a lot easier to carry a whole library on your smart device instead of having to lug around a bookshelf full of paper. If you're a Malifaux player and you want a digital version of your faction's book, you're in luck. They are available now.

Wyrd Games is having a Black Friday sale. That is, they will be having one. Unlike other companies that've already gotten them started, Wyrd is a traditionalist and waiting until the actual Black Friday to begin. However, they wanted to give you a preview of what they'll be having so you can make sure you save your nickels for when it launches. Have yourself a look.

Wyrd's holiday sale is coming up quickly. As always, they're going all-out. Wyrd loves their holidays. In their weekly posting, they've posted up another Alternate Sculpt figure that will be part of the festivities. It's the Silent Knight (get it?) and you can go have yourselves a look now.

I don't want to go into the ocean. Look, we know more about the surface of the moon than we know about the ocean depths. I'm not saying that the Salty Seadevil, coming soon for Malifaux, -does- live out there and if I were to go swimming just once that it would drag me under, but I'm not saying that it defintely -doesn't- exist either.

Honestly, if there's one company in the gaming world that knows how to celebrate Halloween, it's Wyrd. The world of Malifaux is a perfect place where it's Halloween every day, and so they're definitely doing things for the season. Wyrd's posted up their October newsletter, giving you a look at all the special things they've got going on, as well as the new releases they're coming out with. Have yourselves a look.

One-shot adventures are great to insert into your overall RPG campaign to add some zest or spice to the game. Or, you can just get a group of friends together and throw a game night and not worry about a bigger campaign. Either way, they're very handy for GMs to have on hand. And for those playing Through the Breach, a new Penny Dreadful One-Shot is ready for you. It's called Bubbling Up From Below, and you can get a look at it in this preview from Wyrd.

There's a lot of options to weigh when making a crew for Malifaux. Lots of different figures you can bring in that all have different interactions. You can make your squad via just looking at the cards, but having something digital to keep track of it all certainly helps. That's where Malifaux's Crew Builder App comes in. You can download your copy now.

Wyrd has another preview they've posted for The Other Side, their upcoming miniatures game. This time around, it's a g-g-g-ghost! *leaps into a coworker's arms*

Yes, they're the Gwisin, strange apperitions in the service of Anton de Wils. Have yourselves a look.

Every time I see the name of this game, all I can think of is, "Break on through to the other side! Break on through to the other side! Everybody love my baby chicken!" Anyway, Wyrd has a new preview up for The Other Side. If you want more dakka, this is how you get more dakka. Check out the Gatling Gunners.

Comin' down the mountaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! One of many children. Everybody has their own opinion. Everybody has their own opinion. Holding it back it hurt so bad. Jump right out of my flesh and I say, "Iiiiii."

Wyrd's showing off a new unrevealed character for the 3rd edition of Malifaux. Have a look at the Geryon. Always nice to see figures based on my body type on the table.

Wyrd Games loves to go all-out for Gen Con. And, I mean, why not? It's 4 days of gaming with tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world. For those that'll be at the show, they've posted up what Malifaux and The Other Side releases they'll have at the show.

They're also hiring a pair of game designers. Considered by many to be the "holy grail" of gaming jobs, if you think you have what it takes, send in your resume.

Good lord, we're damn-near to Gen Con. There's only about... oh... a billion more things I need to do before then (rough estimate). While you're planning out your "To do" lists for the show, you should check out Wyrd's post about what all new goodies they'll be bringing with them. That way, you can know to stop by (or order yourself a Ninja Shopper to help you out).

Gen Con is arguably the biggest gaming event in North America. And so, a lot of companies pull out all the stops and get some amazing stuff prepared. Wyrd certainly does. They've got the new Nightmare Box that is getting a special Gen Con edition. Want to see what's in it? Have a look below.

Wyrd likes to go all-out when it comes to limited edition miniatures, making numerous throughout the year for special events. Gamers know there's little more special than Gen Con, and Wyrd's on top of it. They're showing off the show-special Miss Feasance over on their website.

The wait is over. For you Malifaux players out there, you don't have to wait and see how things will be any longer. Wyrd has posted up the 3rd edition rulebook for Malifaux, as well as the stat cards, so you can get playing right away. I don't know about you, but I'm always really happy when that "limbo period" of "a new edition has been announced, but it's not released yet" is finally over.

The week continues along and as is their tradition, we've got a new Malifaux 3rd Edition preview from Wyrd. This time around, it's the Tinker's Guild Tech Forum time with a look at Leviticus. Though I do wish the image of the cards was bigger...

Another week, another look at the upcoming Malifaux 3rd Edition from Wyrd. This time around, we get a peek inside one of the upcoming faction books for the game, specifically, the Ten Thunders book. There's supposed to be some storms around Atlanta this weekend. I wonder if the two are related... ... hmm...

Money, money, money, money, moooooneeeeey
Money, money, money, money, moooooneeeey

There, a different reference than the Pink Floyd they use in the actual article title. In this preview from Wyrd, we get a look at the Loyalty to Coin box for Malifaux 3rd edition.