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Wyrd Chronicles

Ok, so you've got a bunch more time on your hand, even after reading the latest issue of Game Nite. So, grab your copy of Wyrd Chronicles. Those other gamers will get here any time now.In this issue:H
The folks over at Wyrd Games are always creating. Always busy cooking up an angle, working on the tiny blueprint of the angle, sketching out the burning autumn leaves. To help you keep up, as well as
Filling up your day with gaming is easy when you take into account all the various gaming media out there. You've got websites like us here. You've got podcasts (which we'll get to at 2pm). And then t
So, it's the last post of the day, and you may be thinking, "But Polar Bear! What am I going to do until tomorrow's posts start up?" Well, how about you read a gaming magazine? Wyrd has posted up issu
Gen Con is coming up. As we saw in yesterday's Monday Preview, Wyrd is going to have an alternate Hamelin box set available at the show. But what other things can you expect? Well, download the latest
Christmas comes early for those of you that like Wyrd's Through The Breach RPG as well as just keeping abreast of what's going on with the company. They've got two new Through The Breach Penny Dreadfu
Temperatures are starting to chill outside. Here in Atlanta, that means it's only getting up into the low 80s in the afternoon. Of course, people here are thus saying, "it's freezing" outside. Waddyag
Wyrd's doing a bit of batch-bundling with their stories, which is alright with me. They've got a new issue of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine that you can read over, hopefully escaping from this nasty
As we get to the weekend, some of us will be headed to our LGS tomorrow in order to get a full day of gaming in. If you're like me, you're a morning person (so chances are you're not like me) and woul
While I hope your weekend is going to be full of gaming, there's possibly going to be some downtime in there as well. That's alright, those downtimes can still be full of gaming. For example, you coul
We started the day with a new issue of a gaming magazine, so it seems fitting to book-end that (... heh) with another here at the end of our broadcast day. This time around it's Wyrd Chronicles Issue
The latest issue of Wyrd's free e-zine is now available for your downloading and reading pleasure. As usual, it covers pretty much every aspects of Wyrd's games and gives you more than just the standa
Issue 19 of the Wyrd Chronicles e-zine is now available for your download and reading pleasure. It's your one-stop shop for all of Wyrd's games. They've got a little bit of everything in there for you
Wyrd has posted up issue 17 of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine for your downloading and reading pleasure. In this issue there are articles such as tips for using Conditions in games of Malifaux, a new
Wyrd Miniatures has released issue 16 of their Wyrd Chronicles for your downloading and reading pleasure. This issue has a new Malifaux scenario, a one-shot adventure for Through the Breach, a look at
Wyrd Miniatures has posted issue 9 of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine up online for your reading pleasure.SourceIn this issue:In Issue 9•Stories•Malifaux Tactics Guides•A Vassal Battle Report•How to Sc
Wyrd has posted issue 8 of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine online for your downloading (for free) and reading pleasure.SourceIn this issue:Starting with this issue, we are expanding our content. From n