Wyrd Chronicles

Issue 34 of Wyrd Chronicles Available Now

The folks over at Wyrd Games are always creating. Always busy cooking up an angle, working on the tiny blueprint of the angle, sketching out the burning autumn leaves. To help you keep up, as well as adding even more to their elaborate game world, there's Wyrd Chronicles, their regular magazine. Issue 34 is available now. It's free, so there's no real reason to not check it out.

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Latest Issue of Wyrd Chronicles Now Available

Filling up your day with gaming is easy when you take into account all the various gaming media out there. You've got websites like us here. You've got podcasts (which we'll get to at 2pm). And then there's gaming magazines. Many of them are available, including a new issue of Wyrd Chronicles. It's got everything Wyrd in its pages, and it's free. So there's really not much of a reason to not check it out.

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Wyrd Chronicles Issue 31 Now Available

So, it's the last post of the day, and you may be thinking, "But Polar Bear! What am I going to do until tomorrow's posts start up?" Well, how about you read a gaming magazine? Wyrd has posted up issue 31 of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine. As always, it's free to download and contains all sorts of awesome articles on a variety of topics. Check it out.

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New Through The Breach Adventures and Wyrd Chronicles Available

Christmas comes early for those of you that like Wyrd's Through The Breach RPG as well as just keeping abreast of what's going on with the company. They've got two new Through The Breach Penny Dreadful adventures as well as the latest issue of Wyrd Chronicles available for download.

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October Issue of Wyrd Chronicles Now Available

Temperatures are starting to chill outside. Here in Atlanta, that means it's only getting up into the low 80s in the afternoon. Of course, people here are thus saying, "it's freezing" outside. Waddyagonnado? Well, maybe you'll get a cup of hot cocoa, wrap up in a big, fluffy blanket, and read the October issue of Wyrd Chronicles, which is now available.

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New Wyrd Chronicles Magazine and Penny Dreadful One-Shot Available From Wyrd

Wyrd's doing a bit of batch-bundling with their stories, which is alright with me. They've got a new issue of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine that you can read over, hopefully escaping from this nasty heat that's still outside (at least, nasty heat here in Atlanta). They've also got a new Penny Dreadful one-shot adventure for the Through The Breach RPG.

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Wyrd Games Releases April Issue of Wyrd Chronicles

As we get to the weekend, some of us will be headed to our LGS tomorrow in order to get a full day of gaming in. If you're like me, you're a morning person (so chances are you're not like me) and would therefore get to the LGS right at open and have a couple hours to kill before everyone else showed up. Well, in that downtime, a nice gaming magazine is a good thing to read. And if you so choose, that gaming magazine can be the latest issue of Wyrd Chronicles.

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Wyrd Chronicles Issue 17 Now Available

Wyrd has posted up issue 17 of their Wyrd Chronicles magazine for your downloading and reading pleasure. In this issue there are articles such as tips for using Conditions in games of Malifaux, a new scenario for Malifaux, a one-shot adventure for Through The Breach, a guide to painting their War Wabbit mini, and a bit of fluff about the bunnies of Malifaux.
And just going on record to say that the rabbit on the cover is creepy as hell.

From the announcement:
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