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Wrath of Kings

Welcome, friends, to Saturday. Another week is over and it's time to relax with some gaming. When this posts, I'll be in the middle of a D&D session. The current DM and I are gonna tag out once more and I'm gonna take back over the campaign. Of course, that leaves my character I was playing. I've told the other DM I want him to go out in a blaze of glory. So we'll see what happens.

Anyway, we've collected together a bunch of review articles we've come across and present them to you here now.

In this batch, we've got reviews/previews of: Wrath of Kings, AquaSphere, DC Comics Dice Masters, Dragon Punch, Cauldron, Battlebards, Elysium, Panamax,

Wrath of Kings, the new fantasy miniatures game from CMON, is now available over in their webshop. The initial release sees starter boxes and specialist boxes for each faction, as well as the core rulebook. Grab one of the 5 houses and prove that yours is the one to rule over all the land.
Check out all the releases below the cut.

From the release:
CMON wants to find you your soul mate... if your soul mate is a jellyfish-man, that is. They're running their Date With Oorath contest over on their Wrath of Kings Facebook page. Just type in why you think you'd be a perfect match and Eric Kelley, CMON's head writer, will write you up a story.
So yeah... go check it out...
Entries will be taken until Friday.

From the announcement:
CMON continues their Spotlight Video Series for Wrath of Kings with a look at Hadross. These denizens of the deep invade the surface world to battle their opponents. With tough defensive abilities, they could be seen as the "tank faction" of the game. Their resonating abilities mean your opponents will have to be very cautious about who they attack.

Check out the video below the cut:
CMON has started posting up new Faction Spotlights for the upcoming Wrath of Kings game. They'll be posting one a day. The first one is the Nasier. This faction draws most of its power from ceremonial masks that have been imbued with spiritual and elemental powers. They're a very martial nation and their combat prowess shows. On the tabletop, they're not much for trickery and deception and would much rather run in and chop your face off.

Check out the video below the cut:
CMON Expo is headed to its third year. The first couple events have just been posted on their website (I know, because I put them there). There's a Dark Age March to Immortality, an Infinity event, and a Wrath of Kings narrative event, which is pretty cool since it changes each day, depending on what happened in the previous day's event.


From the post:
Infamy has posted up some preview shots of the finished Princess Outis, their cross-over mini with Dark Age and Wrath of Kings.


From the preview:

Princess Outis - comes with both head variants.

CoolMiniOrNot gives us an update on production for Wrath of Kings, along with a bunch of photos.


From the post:

Mr. Black here!

So while we wait for the boat to arrive here in the US, I've gathered up some images of the box packaging that China sent us before shipping everything out.

In addition, I have some up-close-and-personal images of the Twilight Knight box, as that model, being one of the resin specials, was handled here in the US.
CMON Expo inches every closer with every little motion of the hands of the clock. Another of the great events that will be at the show is the Wrath of Kings Intro Tourney.


From the preview:

Side with a faction, learn how to play them, then take your new skills to the battlefield! The Wrath of Kings Intro Tournament is designed to teach new players all the intricacies of this brand new, fully scaleable miniatures war game, while also giving a quick overview of the world and mechanics. The intro tournament is a quick way to learn the rules and gives you all you need to know to teach your friends how to play.

Wrath of Kings has posted up a new video showing off production plastic versions of some of the new alternate sculpt models for their models. They've also got studio paint jobs they're showing off.


From the update:

Hey guys we have another round of production plastics for Wrath of Kings. Most of them are variant infantry, regular Goritsi Werewolves and a couple of Werewolf leaders as well. Please note that these are not resin, but final plastic production samples with no clean up work done.

Wrath of Kings has posted another set of rules and card updates over on their website in the ever-continuing quest to create the perfect set of rules.


From the update:

Players and Pledgers! Mr. Black here for the Wrath of Kings development team, and we’ve got an update for you! As you know we value player feedback dearly on this project, and since we posted the revamped stat cards for you online, myself and my team have been busy analyzing player feedback and further optimizing the cards to YOU, the players’, liking.

Wrath of Kings has posted a new update for the stat cards for the game, as well as updated the look and use-ability of the website.


From the update:

Players and Pledgers! Mr. Black here for the Wrath of Kings development team, and we’ve got an update for you! As you know we value player feedback dearly on this project, and since we posted the revamped stat cards for you online myself and my team has been busy analyzing player feedback and further optimizing the cards to YOU, the players, liking.

Wrath of Kings shows off their latest set of stat cards over on their website. Go check 'em out.


From the announcement:

Hey guys, Mr. Black here... And I know I'm -technically- beating out the official Kickstarter update by a bit, but hey, it's my gift to you!

Check out the NEW Wrath of Kings Unit Cards (with updated layouts and rules!) NOW

Wrath of Kings is in their final 24 hours up on Kickstarter and they've added in a deal-sweetener for those of you gamers who, like me, love the giant monsters. If you buy 3 of the same one, you'll get 1 free.


From the update:

For the larger games you can take up to 4 Rank 2 Specialists - and if you really feel like scaring an opponent, how about 4 Monsters? With this special, it just got a lot more affordable..

If you get 3 identical Monsters, get the 4th one of the same type on us!

Wrath of Kings has some new character previews up on their Kickstarter page. They'll be added if the campaign can break $600k in the next couple days.
They've also made it past $500k and so the starter boxes have been expanded again and now you get another free Rank 2 character.

The campaign has only 48 hours left! If you want to get in, but have been waiting until the last minute, your time is rapidly approaching!


From the update:

We're kind of into new release territory here, but what the heck.... time for a real stretch

Brush4Hire sat down with Leif Paulson, one of the designers of Wrath of Kings, and talked about the game.


From the video:

Austin and Chris get the chance to chat with Leif Paulson, member of the Wrath of Kings development team. We find out a little more about the game and their plans for it and Cool Mini or Not's support for the system in the future.

Wrath of Kings added a new crossover add-on to their Kickstarter campaign with creating Zombicide versions of two of the Wrath of Kings models.


From the update:

Since we cross overed from Kingdom Death into Arikania the last time, we thought we'd reverse the flow and send some WoK characters.... here?

If you're a fan of Zombicide you might get a kick out of these Survivors! These will ship with their Zombivor counterparts (not pictured).

Wrath of Kings is having a contest on their Facebook page where contestants can win a free faction starter box.

From the contest (note, it's all on the Wrath of Kings FB page, not the TGN one) :

For a chance to win a FREE Wrath of Kings faction starter follow these steps:

1. LIKE the Wrath of Kings Facebook Page
2. SHARE this post
3. COMMENT on this post which faction you want... and why!

You only have until September 15th to get this done, so do it right now! We will announce 5 winners on November 1, 2013 (one for each faction... so make sure you have the winning reason!) and will have their FREE faction in the mail when all Kickstarter pledges are shipped.

*No purchase necessary!

Wrath of Kings made it up and over the $300k mark and so all the faction starters get bonus models added to them.

From the update:

Each Faction Starter has now been updated with bonus models! Onwards to the next stretch!

CoolMiniOrNot has posted up the Hadross stat cards for Wrath of Kings over on their Kickstarter page. Know what you're getting before you get it and try before you buy.
Having played the game for quite some time in playtest and such, I know you all probably think I'm biased, but that's fine, I still honestly love the game and can't wait to get specifically Hadross and Shael Han in my grubby paws.

From the update:

And here's the last of the Faction cards, this time for our wet friends.

Hadross cards pdf

As usual, rules questions, feedback and error reports should go to, or join the forums

CoolMiniOrNot lets you take a look at the stat cards for the Shael Han faction for Wrath of Kings and answers your questions over on their Wrath of Kings forums.

From the update:

Here's a link to the preview Shael Han cards, as usual feedback should go to

Shael Han Stat Cards pdf

For fully threaded discussions on WoK, please check out the newly created forums.

Wrath of Kings posted up a video that looks at the core game play concept in this update.

From the update:

In this video we go into detail on troop types, how armies are organized, how combat works, and how leaders vastly increase the effectiveness of individual troops through joint activations.

Please leave any questions you have below and Leif will address them as best as possible.

Also, as we near our $225k stretch goal, here's our next one - now you know how great Specialists are, how about another one?

CoolMiniOrNot is back home and the offices are humming as we sort through the event that was GenCon. It was a fantastic show and we're thankful for everyone that came and stopped by the booth.

We had a lot of events and special releases going on at the show. For those that might have missed out, or want to see what sort of things we'll have going on next year,
Wrath of Kings made a big splash at GenCon Indy this past weekend. People were lined up to get a demo with Leif, one of the developers for the game. Check out the video that was put together from "exit interviews" from the demos.

From the update:

We did a couple of interviews at Gencon for people who ran through the demos with us, to give their first impressions of the gameplay and the models.

If you were at the show and had a chance to demo, please chime in too!

Wrath of Kings Kickstarter has posted images of the near final production models, a selection reproduced here.  For full details hit up the update page here: