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Worthy Painting

Worthy Painting is getting settled into their new digs, and to celebrate, they're giving away 3 Warhound titans.

From the update:

So we are getting ready for the grand opening of our store in preston we thought we would do something big to get the ball rolling.

We are giving away 3 Forge World Warhound Titans!

You can win one on youtube you must be subscribed to us and leave a comment on this video

You can win one on Facebook! you must like the page and leave a comment

and one on Twitter all you have to do is follow us!

For full giveaway info check out our website

Worthy Painting has shown up recently as the studio-of-choice of a couple of gaming companies. Well, they've got a new studio and wanted to show it off with a small video tour.

And we're walking, and we're walking:

Hey guys here is a video showing off our new building!
Nick from Worthy Painting takes you on a guided tour of the new Worthy Painting studio and Store Worthy Games. Planing to be open august time.
AntiMatter Games has another preview model for us done up by the guys at Worthy Painting. Here's the Dark Mariner Vanguard Marine.

From them to you:

This is a new painted model for the Dark Mariner force by Dan Twiss at Worthy Painting. He did a great job in giving it bold and rich colors and lots of details.

AntiMatter Games announced that Worthy Painting is now going to be doing all the studio paints for Deep Wars. Check out their work.

From the announcement:

AntiMatter Games is proud to announce that we have partnered with Worthy Painting to be the official painter studio for DeepWars. The talented Golden Demon winner, Dan Twiss, will be painting the forces of the deep for the studio and has started up with the Assault Soldier for the Ancients of Atalán, rendering the figure is gorgeous non-metallic metal style with lighting effects. This figure will be available in mid to late July.

Worthy Painting put up a little video to celebrate them being the new studio painters for Soda-Pop miniatures.

From them to you:

Worthy Painting are very proud to announce we will be working with Soda-pop miniatures as their painting studio we will be painting all new release and going over some old models to help bring them up to date with the currant range. We will be working very close with the soda-pop team to help bring all the ranges to life.

Worthy Painting is now the studio painters for Tor Gamings, Relics. In this video, Nick travels to meet the guys at Tor Gaming the creators of the game relics and showcases the new paint jobs on the Britanan for Relics.