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WorldWorksGames now has their Deadfall: Tumbleweed Pass downloadable paper terrain available over on their website.

From the announcement:

We just released a new SwiftScenics addition to our Deadfall line of Western-themed PDF scenery items.

WorldWorksGames wants to know if you can draw. If you can, they might hire you on as a concept artist. I can't draw stickmen, so I know I'm out.

From the update:

WorldWorksGames is now seeking talented concept artists to join us in a unique, well exposed and expansive business venture (project TBA). Interested parties can contact us by visiting our contact page and selecting "Portfolio Submission". Please provide us with a link to your portfolio and any additional pertinent details.

DeadFall: Streets of Blood previews some of their new terrain tiles.
Not enough gaming is done in the wild west, if you ask me.

From the review:

The west was won in blood! DeadFall: Streets of Blood is packed with over three dozen ground tiles and gives you everything you need to create an exciting gaming environment with a Western or Victorian theme! From abandoned towns, to vast desert plains dotted with cacti, humble campsites, mystic/occult intrigue and more!

WorldWorksGames brings a brilliant medieval inn environment with two releases "Inn of the Feisty Friar" followed up with "Feisty Friar Inn Props":

From their website:

The Feisty Friar is a jolly place to hang your adventuring hat. That is until night falls! Tomas Mennes brings us this brilliant medieval inn environment with two outstanding releases "Inn of the Feisty Friar" followed up with "Feisty Friar Inn Props". If you play RPG's, you simply can't go wrong with the Friar! is reporting a manufacturer sell out of the Malifaux Terraclips terrain sets from Wyrd Miniatures. From their website:
Wyrd Miniatures has informed us that they have sold out of the first print run of the Terraclips Terrain. They have started the reprint process and, barring unforeseen shipping delays, we will see them in time for Christmas. As of right now, we still have them in stock to meet your needs.
WorldWorksGames have released a set of paper vehicle miniatures to fit in with their Mayhem series of paper terrain products. Mayhem Traffic From their website:
Mayhem Traffic crams your table with enough modern vehicles to make LA rush hour look like a Sunday drive! Fully revised and expanded, this set contains robocutter compatible templates of all the vehicles you need to turn your urban gamescapes into gridlocked nightmares! From vans to motocycles, buses to hatchbacks, even sports cars, taxis and septic trucks, this set has it all! Mayhem Traffic includes all of the following:
  • 3 Buses for City, School and Private routes
  • 5 modular Trucks including Septic truck, Flatbed and Garbage truck
  • 6 Motorcycles
  • 6 Hatchbacks including Retro style and Drift racers
  • 6 Vans including Mercenary Team and Plumber
  • 6 Sports cars including 80s Retro and Time Traveler
  • 7 Modern Sedans including Taxis, Pizza delivery and Student driver
WorldWorksGames are now selling some of the Ebbles Miniatures vehicles in their new Ebbles Labs section. Patrol vehicle From their website:
Before joining the WorldWorksGames team in 2011, Christopher Roe ran his own papercraft model business. Ebbles Miniatures was one of WorldWorksGames's competitors and friends in the industry from 2003 to 2011. Some of his best-selling models have been given a new home in the WorldWorksGames catalog.
WorldWorksGames have released the Shellendrak: West Wing terrain kit. Shellendrak: West Wing From their website:
Our two original, best selling Shellendrak terrain sets (Shellendrak Manor and Return to Shellendrak Manor) are being relaunched as fully TerrainlinX compatible offerings, complete with full robocutter compatibility. Meaning complete, on-the-fly design freedom in all dimensions! West Wing contains three different styles of wall, four styles of floor, and both flat and angled roof options, along with a whole host of different ways to put it all together.
WorldWorkGames have added three sic-fi themed terrain and vehicle kits to their online store.

Veloce Brio

From their website:
You want sci-fi? We've got sci-fi. We start with Paul Senior's latest instalment to the TerrainlinX Titan series, Streets of Titan, which finally brings futuristic streets to your gaming table. Adding to the sci-fi mayhem we have two new PropsMaster releases from Christopher Roe (of Ebbles Miniatures fame) who flies in his stealthy Interceptor and futuristic commuter the Veloce Brio.
WorldWorksGames have relaunched their website with a new online store and several other features. From their website:
WorldWorksGames is nearing its 10th anniversary and as astounding as that number is to those of us who've been around since the beginning, what's more exciting is just how far we have left to go. This decade long journey saw WWG setting many new standards, occasionally fumbling but always pushing the limits of where we could take the medium and the market. The journey has taught us that the road isn't just long, it never truly ends and each new place we visit is more amazing than the last. Put simply; WorldWorksGames has finally come of age and we want you by our side as we explore new paths. We can't say the above without mentioning the incredible nature of the community which has formed around us over the past decade. Bar none, the WorldWorksGames community is one of the friendliest, most supportive communities out there. You simply won't meet a better group of people and we are constantly humbled by how fortunate we are to have you along with us for the ride.