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World of Twilight

Anyaral is showing off some new greens they've been working on since their Kickstarter campaign.

Anyaral previews


From the preview:

I thought you might like to see a quick update on the sculpting for the Kickstarter. The Matriarch has been on my 'to do' list ever since I released the second book, so it's great to finally be making progress on her!
Here she is with a couple of little Devanu hatchlings.

World of Twilight is looking for some more playtesters to add to their group.
Also, they've got some new concept art and previews up on their Kickstarter campaign that's in its final days.


From the update:

Frenu Playtest Kit
I've decided to give people the opportunity to get hold of these early protoypes and to get involved in the playtesting. I am releasing a special Frenu playtest kit, which will cost £45 (plus £5 for postage outside UK). This won't be to everybody's taste, but if you want to get really involved in seeing the process of designing a new force for the game and get an early look at all the models involved then this is your chance.

In the kit you will get:
World of Twilight has posted up a pair of game play videos as part of their Travels Through Anyaral Kickstarter campaign as well as some more stretch goals.


From the post:

It's been a busy weekend! I had a fantastic day at Military in Miniature yesterday, which has both tired me out and reinvigorated me for the final week of the campaign... In seven days time it will all be drawing to an exciting close!

World of Twilight is closing in on their next stretch goal over on Kickstarter.


From the campaign:

Time to announce the much requested expansion forces!

The five initial forces will be unlocked at £9,500 so they should hopefully help push us up to getting the big book released! I'm also trying to finalise the contents, so now is the chance to have your say (although I may well ignore your suggestions…).

The expansion forces will be priced at £16 each, or you can get any two for £30. You can also swap out any of the starter forces from the Emperor pledge for two expansion forces, giving you a lot more choices to make if you are at that level!

World of Twilight, the fantasy skirmish game, is up on Kickstarter and burning it up, already making more than 8x their funding goal.


From the campaign:

Over the last year I have been slaving away on Travels through Anyaral, the third book set in the World of Twilight. It has proved to be a larger task than originally planned as the range has grown substantially since 'Of Gods and Demons' was published three years ago and there was so much I wanted to squeeze in! This book has ended up with many more densely populated pages and rules for more figures than both the first two books put together.

I am now proud to present Travels through Anyaral, a 52 page full colour paperback A5 rulebook that tells the story of Danakan, a reluctant Fubarnii who has the dubious pleasure of travelling across the continent of Anyaral. The book follows his journey from the provincial coasts of his homelands, through the dangerous Argoran Wastes to the mighty city of Gar Loren. From there Danakan travels into the icy realms of the secretive Delgon before he braves the sea to sail home aboard an Enguan ship. The book uses the story of Danakan's travels to introduce exciting new rules for bringing themed forces from across these lands to your games of Twilight, as well as giving a view of the varied history of these lands. In addition to the new rules, there are several scenarios to add new twists and variety to your games.
World of Twilight has their latest releases posted up in their webshop now.


From the release:

We have new releases available for Twilight in the run-up to Christmas! These figures will be released in the New Year, but now is your chance to get them early.

The first set includes a new Captain for the Empire, a new Delgon Bodyguard, three tiny critters and a special Twilight Christmas card.

The second set is a playable force of Fubarnii Eragu, big barbarians from the Northern coasts with the Tahela hunting beast and theTwilight Christmas card.

We also have a chance to win these models for free over on our Facebook page...

World of Twilight has some new models available and they're also running a painting contest over on their website.

From the announcement:

To celebrate the latest wave of Twilight releases (now available from our online store) we’ve decided to hold a painting contest! The contest is to paint one or more models from the Twilight range, either playable or on a diorama or display base. The only limitation is that whatever you paint should fit within an area no bigger than the size of a CD.

There is also a small side-contest for the PrePre Preener’s Prize. At shows for the last couple of years we’ve given away this much pampered little pet as a freebie. There will be a small bonus prize for the best painted prepre entered in the contest.
The contest will run from now until the 16th June and details for entry are on the Forum and our Anyaral facebook page.

World of Twilight has also packed their bags for Salute. Here's the new releases they're bringing along:

From the announcement:

It's only a few days until Salute so I thought I should share a few of the exciting releases we are going to have with us!
We've also got a bunch of other minis that I've not managed to get painted yet, so hopefully I can share images of those before Salute, otherwise just drop by and have a look.
If you can't make it to Salute then drop me a line as we'll also be taking direct orders to send anywhere in the world, with all the same deals

World of Twilight has two new releases available, just in time for Salute.

From the announcement:

Salute is nearly upon us and I’m glad to say that Twilight will be there again! We’ve got lots of new releases to announce over the next couple of weeks, just as soon as our intrepid painter finishes them off!
First up is a new piece of heavy cavalry for the Empire, hailing from the desert clan of Orelan. The Knights of Orelan ride the fearsome Grakukan into battle, with the smaller Graku nipping at their heels.
These are the first figures in a small range of Orelan themed figures for the Empire that we will have with us at Salute. In the meantime you can follow us on the Anyaral facebook page to find out more.

World of Twilight now has their Noble Guards available over on their website.

From the announcement:

Every Fubarnii Noble is accompanied by a band of well paid and well trained soldiers and household knights, who are often almost as ornately dressed as their employer. This pair of well groomed bodyguards are the first of Octobers releases and are priced at £7.00

World of Twilight has a preview for us today, the Eragu Warrior. They've also got a new Facebook page you should check out.

From the preview:

To celebrate the launch of the Facebook page and the recent refresh of the World of Twilight website we thought we would share a preview of an upcoming release!

The Eragu are a race of Fubarnii who live on the frozen coasts to the North West of the Empire. They are occasionally seen as mercenaries in militias across the Empire, towering over their southern cousins.

This sculpt showcases the talents of two new World of Twilight artists, with Andrew May providing the sculpting talents and Joe Karame showing off his skills with a brush. They've both done a great job capturing the spirit of the setting and I'm looking forward to sharing more from them soon! He will be available shortly and will be the first release in a range we are calling the 'Races of Anyaral' that will initially be cast in resin and will allow us to showcase some of the more unusual Fubarnii races from across Anyaral.

World of Twilight is on their way to Salute. But before they go, they want to show just a few more previews for the show.

From the preview:

One last update before we pack our bags for Salute! I've not announced all the new releases we'll have on Saturday, or the excellent deals and preorders that are available, but there are more details on our Forum.

In the meantime I just wanted to leave you with a few final pics of releases.
We have the elegantly dressed Noble, showing the height of Empire fashion with his large hat and long fake tail. The two robed priests are NuraSen Gohral and one of his assistant 'NuraKira' Acolytes. While Gohral does his best to stay well back from the enemy lines, it is the NuraKira who are often seen at the front, urging their troops forward.
Finally, I would like to share a new big beastie that is currently being cast in resin. You may remember that last year I had a small herd of resin belan with me and I promised a number of people that I would do a laden version. It took a while, but he is finally here! Almost... I don't think I'll have many at Salute, but I wanted to show him off anyway!

I hope to see you on Saturday! If you can't make it to Salute then Pyre Studios will be mirroring nearly all the same deals in their store, so you don't have to miss out.

World of Twilight is going to be at Salute and they're bringing new Dhogu models with them!

From the release:

These are my big Twilight release for Salute this year - Northern fubarnii mercenaries called Dhogu who are commonly seen working with the Delgon advance forces.

These Dhogu are little multi-part models, with a main body and separate heads and arms. This gives lots of different assembly options, while keeping them reasonably easy to put together. So far I’ve got variants with spears and bows. I’ve also done a pair of knife arms for the ‘Trapper’ (a scout and guide who is never seen without his skerrat hunting beasts) and a hookstave for the leaders. The Dhogu are also supported by Yirnak riding cavalry. The Yirnak are foul tempered beasts, but seem to get on well with their riders.

These will of course be available at Salute next Saturday!

World of Twilight has another new model to show us. This time it's a new Devanu.

From the announcement:

Today I've got a new Devanu to share.
The Devanu are a predatory race that once ruled the world, but now scrape for survival in tribes on the edges of the Fubarnii Empire.

When Devanu youngsters (jenta) reach a certain age they are kicked out of their tribe and they either die, latch onto another tribe, or on some occasions particularly powerful young jenta will pull together a group of other jenta. These bands are particularly dangerous as they are often more desperate and less careful than the more established tribes.

This is the first Twilight mini sculpted by Aaron Brown, but I'm hoping to see more from him in the future.

I'm going to have some master castings of the Alpha Jenta available at Salute and Conpulsion, prior to her full release later in the year.

World of Twilight has their next release up on their website.

From the announcement:

I’m excited to announce that Twilight Miniatures will be at Salute again this year. World of Twilight is a small scale skirmish game set in a unique fantasy setting. I’ve got a few new releases planned for the next couple of weeks.

First up I'm excited to present some master casts of a new Fubarnii civilian sculpted by Mark Craggs. This cute little guy is quite the dandy, with a mighty fine hat and a paintbrush.
I’ve got a small number of master casts that will be available for Salute. However, if you are lucky enough to be going to Conpulsion this weekend then Pyre-Studios will have a few early release copies. There are only a limited number of copies available at this time, but he'll be on full release later this year!

Twilight Miniatures announce October Releases:

From their quote:

World of Twilight's October releases add reinforcements for both the Empire and the Delgon.
The Empire is joined by Danomar the Oathbreaker, his Knights of Relan and a Captain for the Herder Slingers.
The Delgon can now field the rather menacing KalGush, his primitive flamethrower releasing noxious gasses and gouts of flame in equal measure.

All these models are available from Pyre Studios and can be used in the World of Twilight fantasy skirmish game.
World of Twilight have released several new miniatures. Fubarnii Elder From their announcement:
I'm excited to announce the latest releases for the World of Twilight game. World of Twilight is an alternate fantasy setting populated by a race call the Fubarnii. This month the Empire get a couple of new releases, with the doughty Hunter and his Graku hunting beasts and a gnarly old Fubarnii. The Delgon also get a new unit with the arrival of the KalJoran shocktroopers, opening up plenty of new tactical options for the invaders from the North. All these figures are available now from Pyre-Studios.
There are new figures as well as a new PDF based magazine focusing on the World of Twilight range and game. ? From their announcement:
We have two exciting announcements from The World of Twilight. First up, we've just published the first issue of our new online periodical, The Twilight Traveller. This little document is hosted by Pyre Studios and can be downloaded for free (PDF link). In this first issue Danakan prepares to set off on her travels through Anyaral, we introduce some rules for Herder Light Cavalry 'Reyads' (old Herders who act as captains) and share a couple of previews. The second announcement is that we have some long overdue new releases. The Empire gets some new light cavalry and the Devanu get their first taste of ranged support with the addition of the Jenta Spear.
The World of Twilight Painting Contest will soon be over. From their announcement:
We've been running a World of Twilight Painting Contest over the last few weeks and we are now in the final stages - with the entries being judged by a small panel of 'experts' as well as a public vote. The standard has been great and it is worth dropping by the forum to have a look and maybe vote for your favourites.
World of Twilight are now available at Pyre Studios. From their announcement:
I am excited to announce that World of Twilight has branched out with a new stockist – Pyre Studios. Pyre Studios is a small webstore owned by Darren Barber that is specialising in interesting skirmish scale games and it seems like a natural home for Twilight. Darren also won me over by painting a large number of Fubarnii Herders for the demo game at Salute. Pyre now stocks most of the range, including a couple of new releases that have only been available directly until now. The new releases include 'Of Gods and Demons' (the second book), and the Belan (the first resin model in the range).
Mike Thorpe has posted details of the first World of Twilight painting contest. From his announcement:
I am pleased to announce the first World of Twilight painting contest! This is an open painting contest for anybody and you can paint anything you like from the World of Twilight range, be that a single figure, a small unit or a little diorama. The only limitation is that the final entry should be small enough to fit on a CD. The contest will run to the end of June and you can enter by sending me pictures, or by posting them on the World of Twilight forum. First prize will be £30 of Twilight miniatures, but there will also be a few small additional prizes along the way. Full details can be found on the forum.
Brandlin once again has stock of his Pryn-Gul tower terrain kitPryn-Gul tower. From their announcement:
Following a run of sales at Salute, I'm pleased to announce the laser cut Pryn-Gul tower is now back in stock
Demo tableThere will be a World of Twilight demo game at Salute 2011. From their announcement:
Alan, of Brandlin's Laser Cut Terrain, has been working flat out over the last few months to prepare a rather fantastic table for us to do some World of Twilight demo games on at Salute this saturday. You can find us at Table GB03, and maybe even join in helping the Fubarnii trader caravan reach the safety of the city walls while the predatory Devanu hunt them down. All the buildings have been made using the range of laser cut plastic kits that Alan is relaunching on our stand (TB01) on Saturday.
World of Twilight have released their first resin model - the Belan packbeast. Belan packbeast From their announcement:
I am proud to announce that we are releasing our first resin model for the World of Twilight! This large herbivorous creature is used as a packbeast throughout the Fubarnii Empire, often with heavy loads or small howdahs strapped to its back. I'm hoping to eventually do a fully laden model, but for the moment I wanted to leave it unladen so it would be a bit more flexible. The Belan is a single part resin model supplied with a 60mm resin base (either plain or with a more interesting one of Fenris' designs) and will be available at Salute for £15. It'll also be available via mail order for a short while around Salute, but I'm not sure what will happen to him after that... Check out the World of Twilight forum for more details.
Mike Thorp has posted a preview of the KalGush figure for his World of Twilight game. KalGush From their announcement:
In the run-up to Salute I'm previewing lots of new releases for the World of Twilight and today I'm quite excited to share the KalGush with you. The Delgon have recently started fielding the KalGush soldiers within their ranks. They carry 'Gushraks' that have been modified from devices used throughout the empire for fertilising fungal crops. The Delgon have experimented with a number of different contents for the gushrak, generally consisting of noxious or flammable liquids, but some more enterprising KalGush have tried converting the gushrak into a full blown flame thrower. Pre-release master castings will be available at Salute and I'll be posting a full list of prices and Salute deals as soon as I've figured out what they are. The model was sculpted by Mike Thorp and painted by Ben Brownlie.

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