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World of Twilight

Anyaral is showing off some new greens they've been working on since their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the preview:I thought you might like to see a quick update on the sculpting for the Kickstart
World of Twilight is looking for some more playtesters to add to their group.Also, they've got some new concept art and previews up on their Kickstarter campaign that's in its final days.SourceFrom th
World of Twilight has posted up a pair of game play videos as part of their Travels Through Anyaral Kickstarter campaign as well as some more stretch goals.SourceFrom the post:It's been a busy weekend
World of Twilight is closing in on their next stretch goal over on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the campaign:Time to announce the much requested expansion forces!The five initial forces will be unlocked at
World of Twilight, the fantasy skirmish game, is up on Kickstarter and burning it up, already making more than 8x their funding goal.SourceFrom the campaign:Over the last year I have been slaving away
World of Twilight has their latest releases posted up in their webshop now.SourceFrom the release:We have new releases available for Twilight in the run-up to Christmas! These figures will be released
World of Twilight has some new models available and they're also running a painting contest over on their website.From the announcement:To celebrate the latest wave of Twilight releases (now available
World of Twilight has also packed their bags for Salute. Here's the new releases they're bringing along:From the announcement:It's only a few days until Salute so I thought I should share a few of the
World of Twilight has two new releases available, just in time for Salute.From the announcement:Salute is nearly upon us and I’m glad to say that Twilight will be there again! We’ve got lots of new re
World of Twilight now has their Noble Guards available over on their website.From the announcement:Every Fubarnii Noble is accompanied by a band of well paid and well trained soldiers and household kn
World of Twilight has a preview for us today, the Eragu Warrior. They've also got a new Facebook page you should check out.From the preview:To celebrate the launch of the Facebook page and the recent
World of Twilight is on their way to Salute. But before they go, they want to show just a few more previews for the show.From the preview:One last update before we pack our bags for Salute! I've not a
World of Twilight is going to be at Salute and they're bringing new Dhogu models with them!From the release:These are my big Twilight release for Salute this year - Northern fubarnii mercenaries calle
World of Twilight has another new model to show us. This time it's a new Devanu.From the announcement:Today I've got a new Devanu to share.The Devanu are a predatory race that once ruled the world, bu
World of Twilight has their next release up on their website.From the announcement:I’m excited to announce that Twilight Miniatures will be at Salute again this year. World of Twilight is a small scal
Twilight Miniatures announce October Releases:From their quote:World of Twilight's October releases add reinforcements for both the Empire and the Delgon. The Empire is joined by Danomar the Oathbreak
World of Twilight have released several new miniatures. From their announcement: I'm excited to announce the latest releases for the World of Twilight game. World of Twilight is an alternate fanta
There are new figures as well as a new PDF based magazine focusing on the World of Twilight range and game. From their announcement: We have two exciting announcements from The World of Twilight. F
The World of Twilight Painting Contest will soon be over. From their announcement: We've been running a World of Twilight Painting Contest over the last few weeks and we are now in the final stages -
World of Twilight are now available at Pyre Studios. From their announcement: I am excited to announce that World of Twilight has branched out with a new stockist – Pyre Studios. Pyre Studios is a s
Mike Thorpe has posted details of the first World of Twilight painting contest. From his announcement: I am pleased to announce the first World of Twilight painting contest! This is an open painting
Brandlin once again has stock of his Pryn-Gul tower terrain kit. From their announcement: Following a run of sales at Salute, I'm pleased to announce the laser cut Pryn-Gul tower is now back in stock
There will be a World of Twilight demo game at Salute 2011. From their announcement: Alan, of Brandlin's Laser Cut Terrain, has been working flat out over the last few months to prepare a rather fant
World of Twilight have released their first resin model - the Belan packbeast. From their announcement: I am proud to announce that we are releasing our first resin model for the World of Twilight!
Mike Thorp has posted a preview of the KalGush figure for his World of Twilight game. From their announcement: In the run-up to Salute I'm previewing lots of new releases for the World of Twilight