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Wolsung SSG

Wolsung SSG, from Micro Art Studio, will be launching their Kickstarter campaign this weekend.

Ven Rier


Micro Art Studio is showing off one of the upcoming pledge levels for the Wolsung SSG Kickstarter that focuses on the terrain sets that will be available.



From the post:

First of all this weekend you can expect the start of our kickstarter

By the way we wanted to share with you a small preview of one of our terrain pledges.
Pledge Downtown 230$
2x XIX Century Block of Flats
3x XIX Century Walkway
2x XIX Century Walls
1 x Ware Piles Set

The HDF board is not included, it's just for photo purposes. I'm sure that you will ask why It's to heavy! This boards are extremely heavy and the shipping costs would be tremendous

But we will be offering our awesome gaming mats as an add-on for 38 $ ( Gaming mats are made out of a materiel similar to that of a mousepad. No major wrinkles if loosely folded not rolled and it levels itself once spread.)

The area covered in the picture is 100x100cm

Micro Art Studio has posted up some photos showing off the new Wolsung SSG battle mats they're working on.


From the preview:

We showed some pictures of upcoming battle mats for Wolsung SSG. The mats will be available in the biggest terrain pledges and as ad-ons in the upcoming Wolsung SSG kickstarter campaign.

Micro Art Studio has another Wolsung SSG preview up. this time it's the painted-up Cousin 2.



From the preview:

Today we are showing first picture of Cousin 2 from The Scylla - club

The mini will be available through our kickstarter campaign which starts in the second half of June.

Micro Art Studio posted a trio of new art pieces for the upcoming Wolsung Kickstarter campaign.


From the preview:

Today we published 3 new "The Scylla" sketches for upcoming Wolsung SSG kick starter :)

Micro Art Studio gives you more terrain options for your tabletop with the release of their new XIX Century Warehouse.



From the release:

Today Micro Art Studio have released new HDF terrain for Wolsung SSG -
XIX Century Warehouse

Length of the building 26 cm / 10,2 inches
Width of the building 20 cm / 7,9 inches
Overall height 18 cm / 7 inches

Micro Art Studio expands their Wolsung SSG line with the release of Archibald Armstrong.


From the release:

Today we have released new miniature for our Wolsung SSG game -
Archibald Armstrong. He is a Ash and Oak member. Rules are available for
download form our site

Micro Art Studio heads to the far East with the release of Xenah Qiang for Wolsung SSG.


From the release:

28 mm scale high quality metal cast miniature from Wolsung World.

The miniature kit has 2 pieces.
Miniature supplied unpainted.
May require preparation and assembly.
Contains a 30mm premium plastic wround base.

Created by Rafa? Cyman

Wolsung posted up some new previews with a couple art pieces as well as a new green.


From the post:

Two new Triad of Lotus Dragon sketches and one green miniature (Xenah) published on Wolsung SSG facebook fun page.

Wolsung gives you more ways to play with some new scenarios posted up online.

From the announcement:

New Advanced Scenarios for Wolsung SSG published in English and Polish.
They are a good way to make your games more flavourful but also to play a tournament.

Micro Art Studio has made a handy, little measuring ruler for when playing Wolsung.

From the announcement:

Today Micro Art Studio have released Wolsung SSG Range Ruler "Red". A measuring tool made of 3mm red acrylic that enables you too quickly check all the most common distances during Wolsung SSG gameplay.

Wolsung SSG now has their rulebook available in Polish.

From the announcement:

Micro Art Studio have released the Polish version of Wolsung SSG rules.

Micro Art Studio has another of their delightful (I think they're delightful, anyway) video tutorials up for Wolsung SSG.

From the update:

Last video from the first tutorial series ;)

Micro Art Studios expands their Wolsung SSG range with a host of new releases available now over in their webshop.

From the announcement:

We've updated Wolsung SSG range of miniatures in our on-line store.

You will find there:
Ash and Oak Club Starter (5)
Inventors Club Starter (5)
Triad of Lotus Dragon Starter (5)

Ogre Bruiser #2 (1)
Clockwork Servant (1)
Security Golem (1)
Phoenix (1)

Wolsung gives you a look at their beta rules they're working on for Harriet Kinsley, the first Mercenary Hero for the game.

From the announcement:

Today We've released Beta rules for Harriet Kinsley - the first Mercenary Hero.
Harriet can be used with any club and her potent abilities can surely bolster any battle plan.

Wolsung put up a new character sketch they're working on. Here it is.

Micro Art Studio expands their Wolsung range with 3 new releases.

From the announcement:

Today we have released 3 new Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game miniatures:

Sir Zachary Fiercebatten from the Ash and Oak club and Lab Golem - walking and Lab Golem - standing from the Inventors Club

Micro Art Studio put up another tutorial video looking into the world of Wolsung SSG. This time they're looking at how the dice rolls work in the game.

Micro Art Studio put the Wolsung SSG rules online for your downloading and reading pleasure.

From the website:

Great news to all Wolsung SSG fans :D
We would like to share our Wolsung rulebook with you.
From now on you can download all the rules as a free pdf file from our site.

Micro Art Studio posted up the Wolsung SSG FAQ online. Make sure you're playing the game correctly!

From the update:

The first Wolsung FAQ is published!

If you have any more questions or rule querries, please post them on our forum - we'll try to answer them as soon as possible!

Micro Art Studio updated and revamped their website for Wolsung, their Steampunk Skirmish Game. Check it out.

From them to you:

Today we've updated our Wolsung SSG site. New look, new features, larger

Wolsung SSG from Micro Art Studio is in their last 2 days on Indiegogo. They've made it past their $5k stretch goal and are looking to break $6k.

From the update:

Today we have reached 5000$ in our Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game
indiegogo campaign. Next stretched goal 6000$.

Wolsung, from Micro Art Studio, has just under halfway to go to their funding level with a little over a week left to make it there. To help out, they've added to their Builder Pack level.

From the update:

Today we’ve updated Builders perk – now for 90$ you get two HDF,
laser-cut Wolsung XIX Century Walkways + one lasercut Wolsung XIX
Century Block of Flats set with removable stories and roof.

Micro Art Studio put up a photo example of what your models will look like if you opt for the Master Class Painted option in their Indiegogo campaign.

From the update:

1 Starter Set (5 models) from a chosen Wolsung faction painted and based on Micro Art Studio bases of your choice. Painted by top Micro Art Studio painters. The miniatures will be painted like shown in the catalogue (similar to that you can see on the perk pictures)

Micro Art Studio continues to raise funds for their Wolsung Steampunk Skrimish Game over on Indiegogo. Today they've posted up some stretch goals they hope to reach during the campaign.

To boost up our indiegogo campaign we want to reveal our stretched goals:

If we reach:
5000$ - each supporter from 10$ gets extra resin wround base from Micro Art Studio line for each mini in his perk and additionally all supporters above 75$ will get an exclusive acrylic wolsung style measurement template.
6000$ - extra points for One Player Set (3 points) and One Player Set +(5 points)
7000$ - each supporter from $75 and up gets an additional set of (HDF) XIX Century Stands
8000$ - each supporter from $75 and up gets an additional set of (HDF) XIX Century Walls
9000$ - each supporter from $75 and up gets an additional set of (HDF) XIX Century Walkways
10000$ - each supporter from $75 and up gets an additional set of (HDF) XIX Century Block of Flats