Thursday Terrain Corner

Happy Friday Eve, everyone.

We're just about to the weekend, and I know mine's going to be filled with gaming. I've got D&D both tomorrow night and all day Saturday. Should be a good time had by all. The DM of one game is recently getting into terrain stuff, so I know she's always excited when it's time for another Terrain Corner. I hope you're excited, too. So anyway, let's get to it.

Today we have: WizKids Announces Icons of the Realms: The Falling Star Sailing Ship and Deep-Cut Studio Releases Official Falconer's Guild Pitch.

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Wardlings Wave 2 Available From WizKids

It's not just adults that can go adventuring. Kids of great skill and determination can also head out and save the world from all the various things always looking to destroy it. If you want to accurately represent these pint-sized adventurers on the tabletop, you'll need something like WizKid's Wardlings figures. The 2nd wave of which is available now.

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WizKids Announces D&D Icons of the Realms: Waterdeep Dragon Heist Set

There's always another mini you will find you need when playing an RPG. Another figure you want out on the table, but have to substitute for because you just can't find the right one. Well, WizKids is always trying to help make sure you actually get the mini you want. They've announced a new set of D&D miniatures, the Waterdeep Dragon Heist set.

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WizKids Announces Bumuntu Board Game

Relative to most species, humans are pretty new on the Earth. As such, we're still often just trying to find our way around, while the forest animals help guide and teach us. It's the intelligent person that listens to the wise animals about what they should do. And that's where you find yourself in Bumuntu, a new board game coming from WizKids.

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WizKids Announces Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria Board Game Premium Edition

WizKids will soon be coming out with Magic: The Gathering: Heroes of Dominaria, their new board game set in the iconic land of Dominaria. They're coming out with two versions of the game, too. One's got everything you need to play and such. The other has all the same, except that the four figures from the set are fully painted right out of the box.

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WizKids Announces Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Campaign Box

WizKids has announced a new box set for Dice Masters, and it's a biggie. It's the Avengers Infinity Campaign Box and it's a starter set and much more. Containing a large selection of heroes, along with sidekicks, basic actions, and dice bags, it's the entire Infinity War in one box.

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Review Roundup

Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Woo!
My favorite day of the week, as I can just sit back, relax, and do some gaming.
Nevermind that this week I'm vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning countertops in the den. That's important, too.
So, while I try and figure out just how much dust a single lamp can acquire, let's get you those reviews you so desperately desire.

Today we have: Atlantis: Island of the Gods, Build It with Bryan, Sea of Plunder, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tiny Epic Quest, Way of the Panda, Dogmight Games Sentinel Board Game Box, Anatomy Fluxx, Head of Mousehold, Robinson Crusoe 2nd Edition, Who Should We Eat?, Among the Stars iOS, Thunderstone Quest, Ticket to Ride: New York, Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg, Junk Orbit, Nine Worlds, Nimble, For King & Parliament, and Warhammer 40k: Kill Team.

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WizKids Announces Marvel Strike Teams Heroclix Game

WizKids has announced Marvel Strike Teams, a new HeroClix game. Instead of having just your own team you build and fight against your opponent, this is a one-vs-many game with one player in charge of the forces of evil and their nefarious plans, while the other players are in charge of the titular Strike Teams.

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Friday Snippets

Tonight: I have a game of D&D.
Tomorrow: I have a game of D&D.
Tonight: I am bringing some snacks.
Tomorrow: I am bringing homemade dark chocolate caramel brownies (I made the caramel last night).
Today: I am noshing on some bite-sized gaming stories.

On the platter we have: WizKids To Release New Magic: The Gathering Token Minis, New Star Wars: Destiny Dice Cases Available From Fantasy Flight, Kraken Dice Posts New Releases, and The RPG Coloring Book Up On Kickstarter.

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Spy Tricks Now Available From WizKids

Information is power. Knowing something about the enemy's plans or weaknesses can turn a battle in an instant, even a long-term battle like world politics. In Spy Tricks, players are spies trying to get information out of a secret document. Each spy is trying to find out what's in there, without letting the others know what they know, or let them get their hands on it. The game is available now from WizKids.

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