Review Roundup

Woo! Saturday! Woo! Even more woo than Friday! Woo! All the woo!

So, being Saturday, it means it's time for a Review Roundup. So, without further ado, let's get to those reviews I know you all so desperately desire.

Today we have: Machina Arcana, Dark Domains, Guild Master, Bad Maps, Root, Pyramid of Pengqueen, Simulation Theory, Maki Stack, Maiden's Quest, Hannibal & Hamilcar, Drop It, and Space Marine Adventures.

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WizKids Previews Betrayal at House on the Hill Premium Upgrade Kit

Sometimes, a game's regular components might be good, but they could really go for some extra zhuzh and sparkle. But a game maker might not want to add them all in to the base game, as it'd push the price point beyond where they might want it. But for those of you out there that like deluxe and premium versions of things, they're perfect. WizKids is coming out with at Premium Upgrade Kit for Betrayal at House on the Hill, and they're showing off just what, exactly, will be inside.

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Doppelganger Now Available From WizKids

Trust is a very important thing for an adventuring party. You need to know that your buddies have your back should stuff go down. In Doppelganger, unfortunately, not everyone is who they seem to be. But how much do you know, and can you stay alive when the forces of evil are on the loose? This new hidden identity adventure game is available now from WizKids.

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Thursday Terrain Corner

Happy Friday Eve, everyone.

We're just about to the weekend, and I know mine's going to be filled with gaming. I've got D&D both tomorrow night and all day Saturday. Should be a good time had by all. The DM of one game is recently getting into terrain stuff, so I know she's always excited when it's time for another Terrain Corner. I hope you're excited, too. So anyway, let's get to it.

Today we have: WizKids Announces Icons of the Realms: The Falling Star Sailing Ship and Deep-Cut Studio Releases Official Falconer's Guild Pitch.

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Wardlings Wave 2 Available From WizKids

It's not just adults that can go adventuring. Kids of great skill and determination can also head out and save the world from all the various things always looking to destroy it. If you want to accurately represent these pint-sized adventurers on the tabletop, you'll need something like WizKid's Wardlings figures. The 2nd wave of which is available now.

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WizKids Announces D&D Icons of the Realms: Waterdeep Dragon Heist Set

There's always another mini you will find you need when playing an RPG. Another figure you want out on the table, but have to substitute for because you just can't find the right one. Well, WizKids is always trying to help make sure you actually get the mini you want. They've announced a new set of D&D miniatures, the Waterdeep Dragon Heist set.

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