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You've perhaps played the Fantasy Realms game. But what if you wanted to visit new planets on the other side of the galaxy instead of various fantasy lands? Well, then you'd want to pick up Star Trek
Undermountain. It's an infamous dungeon that's filled with all manner of monsters, traps, and most importantly, loot! And it's into these twisty passages that you find yourself in Dungeon Scrawlers: H
Yet another Icons of the Realms set to announce for you today. This time around, it's a tie-in with one of the newest, most-anticipated books coming out for Dungeons & Dragons. The Wild Beyond the
A new foe that could easily be a campaign boss for your games, WizKids has announced a new D&D Icons of the Realms set that brings you Archdevil Garyon.
Pinball games all work on the same basic principle: hit the little ball around into things and keep it from falling. That means it can be infinitely reskinned with new tabletops to create new experien
The Runelords are once more making an appearance, and that isn't just in the books for Pathfinder. They're coming to your tabletops, too, with the Pathfinder Battles: Return of the Runelords set that
For some reason, the name of this set just makes me think of Ed, Edd and Eddy... but anyway, three notorious archdevils are getting figures from the Icons of the Realms line from WizKids and Wizards o
WizKids is continuing their team-up with the Critical Role franchise. If you're wanting to bring the characters and monsters of those games to your tabletops, you're in luck. There's not just a single
A new expansion for the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure System series of board games has been spotted off the coast. It's the Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Fight deadly sahuagin and two other new baddies. The
Kobolds are my favorite low-level monster to throw at a party. Sure, Goblins can be fun. As can giant insects. But there's just something about kobolds that I love. And soon, I'll be able to add to my
When someone dies, it can be rough for those left behind to divide up their belongings. When the departed is a supervillain, it gets a little more complicated as their underlings fight for the best do
In case you just got out from underneath a rock that you've been under for the last couple years, there's a global pandemic that's still going on. This has played havoc with production, shipping, and
The Kree and Skrull have been at war for seemingly forever. But now, they've teamed up and Earth is in their sights. That's where the heroes find themselves in Empyre and that's where HeroClix players
When a murder is committed, time is of the essence. It's up to the detectives to find the culprit as fast as possible and bring them to justice. That's what you'll be up to in Turbo Sleuth, a new puzz
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant Dragon Alert! We have Giant Dragon Alert! What's setting it off this time is Paizo's taking a deeper dive into the upcoming Pathfinder Battles set of figures with se
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Another giant dragon alert? Also from WizKids? Those folks over there are just going crazy with them (not that I'm complaining). This time around, it's due to their Pathfi
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Testing out a new Giant Dragon Alert. And this is a good one to test it on as WizKids has announced pre-orders for a new Adult Green Dragon figure as part of their D&D
In the summertime, when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky. Wait, that's the wrong musical group. This is a story all about how this news post got flipped, turned upside q
It's getting hot her in Atlanta. And a friend out in California is seeing 100+F weather. If there's one thing we're both dreaming of, it's the cold of winter. And WizKids will be bringing us that with
You're a knight. You gotta go save the princess, right? WRONG! The princess is the one hunting you, and you don't want her magical kiss (it'd be more like a zombifying gnawing). So, you must escape th
Back when I read comics regularly, it was Marvel that I read pretty much exclusively. And the team I followed the most was the X-Men (ok, maybe X-Factor, but X-Men was right there with them). Well, th
Shots are getting into arms and so getting together to hang out and paint minis with your friends is actually on the horizon. And when you get together to paint, you'll need a mini to paint. That's wh
WizKid's warehouse is moving. Like, not the actual warehouse like some kind of Baba Yaga situation. It's just everything inside is being relocated to a new, bigger location. As such, your orders from
The Cursed Hoard is actually more than just a single expansion for Fantasy Realms. It includes two new sets that you can add separately or together to help enhance your games. Want to add some cursed
The pandemic means we can't gather together for events right now. However, there's plenty of opportunity to meet up online. Such an event is the Paint Night Event Live Stream that WizKids will be hold