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I'm in the process of getting together a new Dungeons & Dragons group. It's been about 6 months since I last played, and that's just too damn long. Hopefully we'll be getting characters together next
Pretty much everyone knows Rock, Paper, Scissors. Some even know the extended version with Lizard and Spock thrown in. So a game where certain hand gestures are required shouldn't be anything new to p
It's the Saturday before Gen Con. A week from now we'll be shoulder-deep in the show.Of course, that means this weekend is full of running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get ev
There are lots of things that can keep a gaming group from actually getting a session in. For the longest time, "distance" was a big one. Well, with virtual tabletops becoming a much more regular thin
Here we are once more, ladies and gentlegamers. Monday is past. The work week is well underway. Just gotta take it one day at a time until we're once more deposited in the weekend. To help get you the
Well, hopefully you had a good 4th of July (whether you celebrated anything or not. I still hope you had a good Monday). For those getting back to the office today, you might need a little something t
Saaaatuuuuuuurrrdaaaaaaaaaay!Saturday of a long weekend, too. All. The. Bonus!But that doesn't mean I'm going to shirk my duties. You want your review articles, and I'm here to give them to you.So I p
The week marches on. Monday's finished with and we're getting ourselves through Tuesday. Hopefully your Tuesday is going well. Mine's... dragging along a bit. You know what I need? Some gaming podcast
Saturday! Glorious Saturday!As you read this, I'm at a library that a friend works at. They're having their first Board Game Day and so I'm playing some board games. Actually, there's a very high like
WizKids is all about efficiency. Like for HeroClix , you get your minis already assembled and painted. That sort of efficiency goes all the way to their press releases. Like here, we've got the announ
On June 1st, Meltdown Comics will be holding a special Dungeons & Dragons session with various comedians. They'll be playing a new adventure, run by Matthew Mercer (veteran voice actor and leader of t
The first game I ever picked up was Magic: The Gathering. Back at the time, the only card games I'd known of were Gin Rummy and Poker. So the idea of a game where you can build your own deck just soun
With many Dungeons & Dragons players heading to the dark and foreboding land of Barovia, it'd be handy to have some miniatures that help bring some 3D to your gaming tabletop. Hence the next release f
I mentioned earlier that today's a big day for news. It would seem that it is going to be one of the biggest of recent memory. First we had Warmachine/Hordes MkIII. There's the Rum & Bones Kickstarter
It's another Saturday and that means another Review Roundup.Hopefully you're having a good one. I'm working on putting together some Guild Ball minis.Anyway, let's get right into the reviews.Today we
Many of us play our tabletop RPGs using figures to represent the action going on. Many systems also suggest using a board with a grid to help make sure that everyone knows where different things actua
Well, with the Curse of Strahd making a comeback to gaming tables, it seems only fitting to expand your player options in the direction of Gothic Horror. Whether you're playing a game set in Barovia o
The land of Barovia is a pretty dark and bleak place. The citizens live in fear of the things that go bump in the night. Those that travel through the land would do well to visit Madam Eva, a fortune
It has once again come to Saturday.I love it when that happens.Good thing it happens fairly regularly.So let's not worry about ceremony too much. Let's get on with the reviews.Today we have: Roll for
Well, WizKids just has a corner market on fantasy miniatures, don't they? Ask anyone what the two biggest fantasy RPGs are out there and you'll more-than-likely get Pathfinder and Dungeons & Drago
The work week marches on (as Glenn Miller - American Patrol plays on Pandora). We're halfway there, beautiful watchers. We've made it to Wednesday. Let's keep on keepin' on and make our way to the res
I have a love/hate relationship with games that rotate out elements from them. Various card games and minis games do it, usually coming from the "collectible" side of the hobby. I understand the desir
"You can accomplish whatever you put your mind to" holds a bit of extra meaning for you psionics-players out there. Different from magic, psionics allows characters to use the "power of positive think
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!... is what day it is.At least for me as I'm typing this, anyway.But "fun with time zones" will have to wait, because right now we've got a couple of bite-sized stories to give
The manic situation that is Monday has progressed into the calmer, more gentle Tuesday (or at least, I hope it's more gentle for you). The rest of the work week is ahead and you could use some help ge