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Wings of Glory

Can't get out to your friend's place to get a game in? Local shop closed for the pandemic? Still wanting to get some gaming in while you're all alone? Ares Games is here to help. They've added solo pl
Ares Games, making of Wings of Glory, is looking to inject a little H.G. Welles into their game. They have announced that they are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Tripods and Triplanes. It
You know, it really is amazing how fast airplane technology advanced during its early year. I mean, the Wright Brothers had barely gotten their flier off the ground, it seems, and then you've got aeri
Big shows are a great place to release new games, as well as preview upcoming projects. Ares Games is taking those opportunities at Origins in a couple weeks. They'll be having the official launch of
Ares Games is jumping on the two-player box starter set bandwagon (a good one to be on, if you ask me) with their new Battle of Britain set for Wings of Glory. Take to the skies (figuratively, of cour
Ares Games will be in Indy in a week for Gen Con. Hopefully, you will be, too (I will be). If you're a fan of their games, you'll want to stop by their booth. Heck, even if you're not a fan of their c
So, while we've got Gen Con a a month and change away, we shouldn't forget that Origins is this weekend. There's certainly going to be plenty to do and see at that show. Ares Games certainly has a lot
Every day we get closer to Gen Con. And every day we get more news about what will be happening at the show. As such, every day we get just a little bit more excited. I hope we don't explode or someth
Origins is coming up soon. Less than a month, in fact. It's practically here! Among all the fine vendors that will be at the show will be Ares Games. They have quite a lot of special things in store f
Ares Games is in their final 3 days on Kickstarter for their Wings of Glory - Giants of the Sky campaign. They're closing in on 10x funded, and it would be awesome to see them pass that. In order to g
Ares Games' Wings of Glory Kickstarter has taken flight. They've already arrived at cruising altitude, too, as they've passed their funding goal. As such, British Handley Page O/400 and the German Zep
Welcome to the world of the 1-hour-in-the-future.I hope everyone enjoyed their little time-jaunt this morning (everyone being "everyone who lives with daylight savings time," that is).So, fellow time-
Ares Games announced that they'll be launching a Kickstarter in a couple weeks to bring giant bomber miniatures to their WWI Wings of Glory range. They'll be looking to bring the Staaken and Handley-P
Ares Games will be bringing along Dino Race and their 4-engine bombers for Wings of Glory to Essen. Be sure to pick up yours at the show.BombersDino Race SourceFrom the announcement:Ares Games will at
Ares Games has released several new WWI Wings of Glory plane sets today. They're also having a special contest where you can win free planes.SourceFrom the announcement:New WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane
Ares Games has announced new Duel Packs (yes, duel, not dual, even though there are two in the packs) for Wings of Glory WWI.From the update:The WW1 Wings of Glory Duel Packs will be available in two
Ares Games has finally released their long-awaited WW1 Wings of Glory fighter packs. Take to the skies!From the release:The long awaited WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs are going to hit the stores i
Ares Games will have their next release for WWI Wings of Glory available in stores soon!From the announcement:The first releases of Wings of Glory WW1 line, the Special Packs with the bombers Caproni
Wings of Glory: Ares Games to release new WW1 model airplanes in January 2012.From their announcement:Camaiore, Italy – September 22, 2011 – After announcing the launch of the Wings of Glory WW2 game
Italian gaming site have posted previews of some of the cards from the upcoming Wings of Glory re-release for the Wings of War game.
Ares Games have reached an agreement to republish the Wings of War game under a new name. From their announcement: Ares Games, a Tuscany-based games publisher recently established, announces an agree