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Wings of Glory

Ares Games, making of Wings of Glory, is looking to inject a little H.G. Welles into their game. They have announced that they are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Tripods and Triplanes. It tells the tale of what would happen if the Martians had really invaded while the world was busy embroiled in WWI.
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You know, it really is amazing how fast airplane technology advanced during its early year. I mean, the Wright Brothers had barely gotten their flier off the ground, it seems, and then you've got aerial dogfights and bombers and all that sort of stuff going on. Truly amazing. And you can bring some of those fantastic early fighters to your tabletop with the latest WWI Wings of Glory releases from Ares Games. They're available now.
Big shows are a great place to release new games, as well as preview upcoming projects. Ares Games is taking those opportunities at Origins in a couple weeks. They'll be having the official launch of Sword & Sorcery, as well as giving attendees a chance to play several new games that'll be available later this year.
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Ares Games is jumping on the two-player box starter set bandwagon (a good one to be on, if you ask me) with their new Battle of Britain set for Wings of Glory. Take to the skies (figuratively, of course) in either a Spitfire or a Messerschmitt (and if you get a bunch of 'em, you could have a whole mess of Messerschmitts). The box has pretty much everything you need to get playing right away.
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Ares Games will be in Indy in a week for Gen Con. Hopefully, you will be, too (I will be). If you're a fan of their games, you'll want to stop by their booth. Heck, even if you're not a fan of their current games (no game is going to please every gamer), you'll want to stop by, since they have several new games they'll be releasing at the show.
So, while we've got Gen Con a a month and change away, we shouldn't forget that Origins is this weekend. There's certainly going to be plenty to do and see at that show. Ares Games certainly has a lot planned. And they've posted up a little guide to tell us what to expect.
Every day we get closer to Gen Con. And every day we get more news about what will be happening at the show. As such, every day we get just a little bit more excited. I hope we don't explode or something. That'd be sad, as being exploded would probably put a damper on going to the show. I wouldn't look like my ID picture anymore, so I don't know if they'd give me my badge. Anyway, exploding reporters aside, we have Ares Games' announcement about what they'll be having at the show.
Origins is coming up soon. Less than a month, in fact. It's practically here! Among all the fine vendors that will be at the show will be Ares Games. They have quite a lot of special things in store for the show, including new releases that won't be available to the public yet, as well as letting you try out some games that won't be out until later in the year.
Ares Games is in their final 3 days on Kickstarter for their Wings of Glory - Giants of the Sky campaign. They're closing in on 10x funded, and it would be awesome to see them pass that. In order to get them there, they've added in a cultural icon, Snoopy. You can get Snoopy piloting his Sopwith Camel (aka - his doghouse) in the skies above Europe, searching out the Red Baron. You can either get Snoopy on his own, or as a bundle with the Sopwith Camel mini for the game.

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Ares Games' Wings of Glory Kickstarter has taken flight. They've already arrived at cruising altitude, too, as they've passed their funding goal. As such, British Handley Page O/400 and the German Zeppelin Staaken R.VI will soon be soaring over your tabletops. So now it's on to stretch goals like some new gaming mats and deluxe stat boards for the models.
WWI was truly a fascinating time. Flight had only been achieved shortly before, and you can already see how advances were being made, almost daily, in the practice.

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Welcome to the world of the 1-hour-in-the-future.
I hope everyone enjoyed their little time-jaunt this morning (everyone being "everyone who lives with daylight savings time," that is).

So, fellow time-travelers, let's see what bite-sized stories we found in the past couple days.

Included are: A bunch of more The Fiver installments from The Meeple Mechanic, New Relic Knights Ultra Pro Card Sleeves and Deck Boxes, Assault Publishing releasing laser-cut modular terrain system, 2 New F.A.T. Mats From Frontline Gaming, Ninja All-Stars: Clan Tora Madoushi preview, MidKnight Heroes Kickstarter Release Date And first stretch goal reveal, The Sally 4th Crows Sets Released, Wings of Glory Miniature Game - Giants of the Sky: Kickstarter project to start on March 10th, New old factory bases from Micro Art Studio, New Models in the Crossover Miniatures Store, Mats by Mars Launches Their Terra-Mats line, New items from Thomarillion/Ziterdes, and Dwarf Cavalry codes released for Flintloque.

Ares Games announced that they'll be launching a Kickstarter in a couple weeks to bring giant bomber miniatures to their WWI Wings of Glory range. They'll be looking to bring the Staaken and Handley-Page planes to the skies over your gaming tables, starting on March 10th.


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Ares Games will be bringing along Dino Race and their 4-engine bombers for Wings of Glory to Essen. Be sure to pick up yours at the show.


From the announcement:

Ares Games will attend Essen Spiel 2014 (Hall 3, Booth E100, October 16-19, Messe Essen) presenting two new releases: the family game Dino Race and the new series of WW2 Wings of Glory Special Packs, featuring the 4-engine bombers B-17 and Avro Lancaster.

In its booth, Ares will run every day demos of The Battle of Five Armies, Sails of Glory and Galaxy Defenders – all these games have been released in 2014 and are in Essen for the first time. Visitors will also have the chance to see the long-awaited Sails of Glory ships Constitution and Victory, expected to release in early 2015, and a preview of the upcoming expansions for Galaxy Defenders – The Earth Strikes Back! and Extinction Protocol.

Ares Games has released several new WWI Wings of Glory plane sets today. They're also having a special contest where you can win free planes.


From the announcement:

New WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs hit the stores starting from today, featuring the SPAD S.VII, Albatros D.II, Bristol F.2B and Halberstadt CL.II. To celebrate the arrival of these new aircrafts, Ares Games will run a new WW1 Wings of Glory Giveaway Contest from today, February 24th to Thursday, Feb 27th. Each day, one of the Airplane Packs will be at stake – the first participant to answer the three questions of that day win the miniature, with additional prizes if he/she is a Wings of Glory fan on Facebook and BoardGameGeek. Everybody who sends the right answers within 24 hours each day will participate in a bonus draw at the end of the contest.

Ares Games has announced new Duel Packs (yes, duel, not dual, even though there are two in the packs) for Wings of Glory WWI.

From the update:

The WW1 Wings of Glory Duel Packs will be available in two versions: Fokker Dr.I vs Sopwith Camel (piloted by aces Manfred Von Richthofen and Arthur Roy Brown) and Albatros D.Va vs Spad XIII (Paul Baumer and Frank Luke Jr.). Beside the miniatures with special gaming bases, each set will feature a rulebook with Basic and Standard rules, maneuver and damage cards, 40 counters, two measuring rulers and two airplane consoles. The packs will also contain Target, Trench and Anti Aircraft Machine Gun cards, to allow playing a number of different scenarios. The WW1 Duel Packs suggested retail price is estimated to be US$ 30.

Ares Games has finally released their long-awaited WW1 Wings of Glory fighter packs. Take to the skies!

From the release:

The long awaited WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs are going to hit the stores in a few days: following their arrival at the Ares Games’ warehouse in the U.S. early this week, this new release for the World War 1 version of Wings of Glory are now shipping to North American distributors, and will be available in US and Canadian stores starting on August 6th. In Europe, they should be available in stores in the 2nd half of August. Discuss 1
Ares Games will have their next release for WWI Wings of Glory available in stores soon!

From the announcement:

The first releases of Wings of Glory WW1 line, the Special Packs with the bombers Caproni Ca.3 and Gotha G.V, arrived at Ares Games’ warehouse in U.S. and are now shipping to North America distributors. The packs will hit US and Canadian stores starting on May 7th. In Europe, they are going to be available few weeks later.

The Wings of Glory WW1 Special Packs are designed to be used with the popular air combat game system. Each pack is a ready-to-play large size model, painted and assembled, and includes a special base with gaming stats, a variable altitude flying stand, and a specific deck of maneuver cards, as well as specific rules and components necessary to use the airplane.

To play with it, it’s necessary to have a WW1 Wings of Glory Starter Set or any other compatible WW1 airplane combat rules set to play – the Special Packs are 100% compatible with the former Wings of War game system.

Wings of Glory: Ares Games to release new WW1 model airplanes in January 2012.

From their announcement:

Camaiore, Italy – September 22, 2011 – After announcing the launch of the Wings of Glory WW2 game (created by A. Angiolino and P. Paglia) with 4 Airplane Packs and a Starter Set, Ares Games announces its first releases for the WW1 version of the game.

The first WW1 products - to be released worldwide in January 2012 - are two extra-large models, the WW1 bombers Caproni CA.3 and Gotha G.V. At the same time, a rules pack will be released, including the rulebook, damage cards and counters required to play with these models as well as similar planes which are planned to be produced in the future.
Ares Games have reached an agreement to republish the Wings of War game under a new name. From their announcement:
Ares Games, a Tuscany-based games publisher recently established, announces an agreement with Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, the authors of the best selling game that recreates aerial combat during the WWI and WWII, formerly published with the name "Wings of War". Ares Games will publish the game under a new brand, "Wings of Glory". Wings of Glory will be published with a new rulebook, while maintaining compatibility with the previous Wings of War products already in the market. "We are happy to be partnering with Andrea and Pier Giorgio to bring this wonderful game system to market." said Christoph Cianci, CEO of Ares Games, "Thousands of fans worldwide will be pleased to know that their planes and maneuver cards from Wings of War will be compatible with the new Wings of Glory." Initially, Ares Games will focus on developing new miniatures for the game, but also plans to release new starter sets.