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Wiggles 3D

Look... we all know those people. Or, hell, you might be one of them. The person that just HAS to be right and correct everyone and everything around them (lord knows I've had some of y'all in the com
Anyone in law enforcement will tell you that time is of the essence when trying to solve a crime. Every minute that goes by, the culprit can be getting further away. In 5-Minute Mystery, every second
You've heard it before. "I'm just up for a quick game." But what is a truly "quick game"? Well, Wiggles 3D has a game that plays in 5 minutes. That's pretty quick. It's 5-Minute Dungeon, a cooperative
We're reaching the peak. After this, it's a slide back down to the weekend. I'm hoping to have some friends over for gaming and cooking, as well as basically a "mini-Halloween" party (my apartment's n