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It's us versus them! Who are they? The germs, of course! Every day, our bodies are bombarded with harmful pathogens. It's only via the stalwart immune system that we manage to keep going. But we must always beware. Those germs and viruses can change and morph, evolving to work against our immune systems. And that's just what's happening in Pathogenesis, a new deck-building game that's up on Kickstarter.
Weeeeekeeeend! Hopefully you're having a good one, even if you're not at Origins or Lock & Load or the Board Game Challenge... like how I'm not at any of those. But it's ok! We can have a good time gaming, anyway.

As usual for our Saturdays here (except for that weird mix-up last week), we've got our Review Roundup.

In this installment we have reviews/previews of: Pathfinder Battles: Gargantuan Shemhazian Demon, Princes of the Apocalypse, Mage Wars Companion App, Transylvania: Curses and Traitors, Pew Pew, Patchwork, Lanterns, and Sultan's Library.