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White Dwarf

Like most weeks, Games Workshop has some new items up in their webshop to pre-order. They've also got some old items, too. This is the second week of pre-orders for The Horus Heresy, in case you haven
When you're wanting to fill your day with gaming info, a gaming magazine's a great way to do it. And Games Workshop's White Dwarf certainly is well known for having all the GW info you can want. The n
It's a fantasy weekend from Games Workshop in their pre-order store. Age of Sigmar has the new Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine battletomes. There's some new Nighthaunt kits as well. And the Middle-
So, I looked at the upcoming pre-releases and was like, "Ok, some Age of Sigmar. *scroll, scroll, scroll* ... more Age of Sigmar, *scroll, scroll* and some <whoop! whoop! whoop!> Adeptus Titanic
Decent-sized set of pre-releases for you over in the Games Workshop webstore this weekend. We've got the new Tyranids codex, along with some extras. There's also the Age of Sigmar: Season of War: Thon
As is tradition, Games Workshop is giving us a look at what's coming to their pre-order store next weekend. The big one is the new Tyranid Codex for 40k. There's also a new mini, a Combat Patrol, and
Kill Team is front and center with this week's pre-orders from Games Workshop. Nachmund, the new box set is available. As are some kits for the Adeptus Sororitas and T'au, along with a new book. There
This weekend, the next issue of White Dwarf goes up for pre-order in the Games Workshop webshop. Here, we get a look at just what will be on those pages. As usual, there's quite a lot.
Kill Team gets the focus next week from Games Workshop. The new Nachmund box set comes up for pre-order, along with some other new books and kits, plus terrain. For more general-product info, there's
As usual, Games Workshop has a new slate of pre-orders up on their website. Warcry is the main focus, but it's far from the only thing. There's the new book and box sets for that. There's new T'au for
There's a lot coming to Games Workshop's pre-order store next week. There's a new Warcry book and box sets. There's new Aeronautica Imperialis figures. There's new T'au. There's Middle-earth Strategy
Little bit of everything this week in Games Workshop's pre-orders. There's the new Age of Sigmar battle box. There's new kits and cards for Harrowdeep for Warhammer Underworlds. There's a new companio
Quite a mix next week from Games Workshop for their pre-orders. There's a new box set for Age of Sigmar. There's some new minis for Warhammer Underworlds. They've got a new Aeronautica Imperialis comp
Another weekend, another set of new pre-oders up in the Games Workshop website. It's a pretty big one, even if it's not a ton of things. How's that? Well, there's the new starter box for 40k as well a
Next week's quite a week for pre-releases over in the Games Workshop webstore. They've got the new starter set for 40k. There's a new Nurgle battletome for Age of Sigmar, along with some new kits. The
This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop include Black Templars, Black Templars, Black Templars, Black Templars, and more Black Templars... ... and the latest White Dwarf.
Filling your day with gaming information is easy when you've got yourself a gaming magazine. And one of the most venerable out there is White Dwarf. It's got everything you need to know about Games Wo
Black Templars. That's what next week's pre-releases will be from Games Workshop. Lots and lots of Black Templars. That's not a bad thing, of course, unless you've been on the Emperor's naughty list.
Saturday, Games Workshop dropped their next batch of new releases into their webshop for pre-order, as is their custom. This week, it's the new Black Templars box set, some made-on-demand Blood Bowl t
Black Templars. Blood Bowl throwback teams. White Dwarf. That's what's coming this upcoming weekend as Games Workshop adds new pre-releases to their website. For further details, head on through.
Gaming magazines are an excellent way to fill your day with gaming info. And if you're a Games Workshop fan in any way, White Dwarf is a must. There's a new issue coming out soon and GW's giving you a
Games Workshop has a whole host of new pre-orders available over in their webshop this week. And it's some big stuff. The Stormcast Eternals and Orruk Warclans have their new Battletomes for Age of Si
The Orks in 40k got themselves a new Codex this past weekend. Well, the fantasy Orruks in Age of Sigmar are right behind them with a new Battletome of their own this coming weekend. And opposing them
White Dwarf is your one-stop shop for all things Games Workshop. And the September issue is just around the corner. What will be gracing the glossy pages this month? We get a look in this delve inside
The pages of White Dwarf are a great place to find out all sorts of information about Games Workshop. The new issue is coming to pre-release soon and it'll contain an update for the Sons of Behemat fa