Westbound: Revolvers and Rituals RPG Up On Kickstarter

Island of Bees has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Westbound, their new RPG. Though this isn't Sergio Leone's west. This world mixes the wild west with classic fantasy. So you can have Elf Sheriffs, Orc Banditos, and dwarf prospectors (ok, so that one you probably could've had anyway, but now they say old-timey Western things instead of sounding Scottish).

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Island of Bees Announces Westbound RPG

If it's Eastbound and down, I guess it'd be Westbound and up. At the very least, Westbound is a new western-themed RPG from Island of Bees. The setting is a mixture of classic fantasy RPG elements like Elves and Dwarves but paired up with six-shooters, gunfights at the saloon, and saving ranchers daughters from bandits. The basic version of the game is available for free, so why not go check it out? The system uses a poker deck for it's randomization mechanic.

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