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Wessex Games

Wessex Games has released their Dick Garrison Rapid Launch rules over on Wargames Vault. Check 'em out.

From the release:

Calling all Space Cadets!

Dick Garrison Rapid Launch has been published in PDF format at Wargame Vault. Discuss 2
Wessex Games has purchased the Urban Beat police line.

From the announcement:

Wessex Games are pleased to announce the purchase of the Urban Beat armed police and criminals miniatures line. We plan to expand the line and publish a set of wargames rules specifically for them in due course.

Wessex Games announces a Battlefield Stress Charity Bundle on Wargame Vault:

From their announcement:

As part of our efforts to support the Battlegames Battlefield Stress Appeal we have collected ALL our PDF's from Aeronef to Voyages Extraordinaires into one bundle and are offering it at HALF PRICE for one week only. So grab a BIG BARGAIN with al our royalties going to the appeal.
Wessex Games is supporting this charity with War Game Vault.

From their announcement:

You may have seen that Henry Hyde, editor of Battlegames, undertook a 25 mile fundraising walk for the Battlegames Combat Stress Appeal on October 1st.

To help we've donated the latest proceeds from the Aeronef Over The Aegean charity supplement but have also decided that we will donate ALL our royalties from PDF sales of all products on Wargame Vault for the month of October...

Check it out here.

And more here.

(and if you are a UK citizen click the Gift Aid which adds another 28% to the donation)