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Wee Gamers review a new gamer comedy web series, Nights at the Round Table

Wee Gamers takes a look at the new comedy web series about gamers called Nights at the Round Table.

From the review:

Wee Gamers have watched the first episode of a new comedy series called Night at the Round Table. hailing from deepest North East England it tells the tale of a group of gamers questing for a fifth player.

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Wee Gamers proud to bring Dreadball to Q-Con

Wee Gamers will be holding the first officially sanctioned DreadBall tourney at Q-Con in Northern Ireland at Q-Con in Belfast in June.

From the announcement:

Wee Gamers are proud to announce Northern Ireland's first Dreadball Regional Tournament will be taking place at Q-Con, Belfast this June. Dreadball is Mantic Games' futuristic game and is a hyperkinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity - a fast, fun and tactical miniature sports board game written by Jake Thornton and created by Mantic Games.

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Wee Gamers posts video review of Godslayer from Megalith Games

Wee Gamers has posted up a video review of Godslayer, the fantasy game from Megalith Games.

From the review:

Wee Gamers give you pictures as well as sound this time as they review Godslayer from Megalith Games. Megalith have a Kickstarter to expand the game and translate it into German. It has only a few days left and has already reached its target to be funded.

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Wee Gamers podcast review of Godslayer from Megalith Games

Wee Gamers posted up the most recent podcast for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Wee Gamers, along with their guest The Hairy Painter, give their first impressions of Megalith Games Godslayer miniature skirmish game. They have literally just opened the parcel and had a look and liked what they saw.

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Wee Gamers interview Chris Garland from The Morrow Project

Wee Gamers sat down with Chris Garland and thought they'd let you know what they talked about.

From the interview:

Wee Gamers begin their foray into podcasting with an interview with Chris Garland from TimeLine Ltd, fresh from his kickstarter campaign to produce The Morrow Project RPG 4th edition. And there are a few exclusives too.

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Wee Gamers review Battleboards

Wee Gamers posted up a review of Battleboards gaming boards. Should they be what you play with your toy soldiers on?

From the review:

"You get what you pay for". Normally that's used to embarrass someone over their foolishness at spending money on something that fails to live up to expectations or basically breaks when you look at it. But in terms of Battleboards the term means quite the opposite.

Even in communication with Richard at Battleboards you know your dealing with someone who really cares, not only about what they do and their reputation, but about you and your satisfaction.

He's my kind of creative person, no spoofballing that "nothing's a problem", there is honest communication if you challenge him to something outside his 'comfort zone', but like a true creative soul he'll give it a go.

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