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Wee Gamers takes a look at the new comedy web series about gamers called Nights at the Round Table.From the review:Wee Gamers have watched the first episode of a new comedy series called Night at the
Wee Gamers sat down and talked with the guys from Devil Pig Games about their Heroes of Normandie Kickstarter.From the interview:Wee Gamers get a wee chat with those lovely French guys behind the Hero
Wee Gamers recently sat down with Jon Visovic, the mind behind Thon, and had a chat. Go see what they talked about.From the interview:Wee Gamers had the pleasure of chatting to Jon Vosovic, the man be
Wee Gamers will be holding the first officially sanctioned DreadBall tourney at Q-Con in Northern Ireland at Q-Con in Belfast in June.From the announcement:Wee Gamers are proud to announce Northern Ir
Wee Gamers take a look at and give you their feelings on the Achtung! Cthulhu game system and why they backed the Kickstarter.From the post:Wee Andy and Wee Ivor put down a few words on why they have
Wee Gamers has posted up a video review of Godslayer, the fantasy game from Megalith Games.From the review:Wee Gamers give you pictures as well as sound this time as they review Godslayer from Megalit
Wee Gamers posted up the most recent podcast for your listening pleasure.In this episode:Wee Gamers, along with their guest The Hairy Painter, give their first impressions of Megalith Games Godslayer
Wee Gamers got a preview of the new line coming from Rogue Miniatures. Considering one of the first posts we had up from yesterday, they seem rather timely.From the preview:Wee Gamers 'get to the Cho
Wee Gamers are rapidly becoming the kinds of interviews. Their latest one is with Stuart Boon.From the interview:Wee Andy from Wee Gamers interviews Stuart Boon, award winning author of Shadows over S
Wee Gamers has been doing a lot of talking lately. Here's another of their interviews. This one's with Caffeinated Chaos Studios.From the interview:Wee Gamers have a chat with Caffeinated Chaos Studio
Wee Gamers has been doing a lot of interviews lately (and that's fine with us). Here's one they did with Gregor Hutton.From the interview:Wee Gamers pose 13 questions to Gregor Hutton, maker of Rolepl
Wee Gamers has the second part of their Chris Garland interview up online.From the interview:Wee Gamers have published the second part to the podcast interview with Chris Garland, who is bringing back
Wee Gamers sat down with Chris Garland and thought they'd let you know what they talked about.From the interview:Wee Gamers begin their foray into podcasting with an interview with Chris Garland from
Wee Gamers posted up a review of Warlord Games' Ruined Hamlet, and I don't mean a synopsis of Paul Sawyer's acting in Shakespearean prose.From the review:Wee Gamers have a look at the worth of Warlord
Wee Gamers posted up a review of Battleboards gaming boards. Should they be what you play with your toy soldiers on?From the review: "You get what you pay for". Normally that's used to embarrass some
Wee Gamers wants to make sure you know what you're getting into when buying terrain, so they've looked at 4Ground's 28mm damaged buildings. Are they the buildings for you?From the review:Wee Gamers ha
Wee Gamers will be taking over Carrickfergus Castle this weekend for a charity event. Check it out.From the announcement:Wee Gamers will be taking a World War Two theme to Carrickfergus Castle this Sa
Wee Gamers posted up a review of Victory At Sea from Mongoose Publishing. Go see what they thought of it.From the review:Wee Gamers very own fun loving naval nut Wee JB has a personal look at Victory
Wee Gamers discusses the implications of Kickstarter now allowing UK-based projects.From the article:Kickstarter is coming to the UK on October 31 and Wee Gamers has a wee look at the implications. Wi
Wee Gamers posted up a review of the aerial combat game Axis and Allies Angels 20.From the review:Wee Gamers have a review of Axis and Allies Angels 20 world War Two dogfight game.
Wee Gamers sat down and had a chat with Matthew Sprange from Mongoose Publishing about all the fun stuff they're working on currently, mostly focusing on the Judge Dredd Kickstarter.The SJS of Wee Gam
Wee Gamers is having a competition over on their website where you can win a signed copy of Shadows Over Scotland.From the competition:Wee Gamers run their first competition and the prize is a signed
Wee Gamers put up the second part of their interview with Ambush Alley Games.Wee Gamers were very fortunate to get an interview with Shawn Carpenter from Ambush Alley Games. In this second piece he ta
Wee Gamers is going to be taking a look at Kings of War from Mantic in an upcoming series of updates. Here's the teaser-opener.From the update:Wee Gamers are starting to have a look at Mantic Games Ki
Wee Gamers did an interview with the fellas of Ambush Alley Games. You can check out the interview on the Wee Gamers' website.From the interview:Wee Gamers were very fortunate to get an interview with