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Wayland Games

Outlaw Miniatures has announced that Wayland Games will now be in charge of the Wild West Exodus game line. The game has been around for several years now and while it continues to grow and evolve, th
Dream Pod 9 has secured EU-friendly shipping options for their Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the announcement:We just added a graphic to the front page to let everyone know that the
Wayland Games have posted an update on their efforts to continue too sell GW products to countries outside the EU. From their announcement: Guys, its Rich the boss here. This message is related to th
Wayland Games have announced that they are not going to be selling the current Citadel Finecast range due to excessive errors in the product range. From their website: We regret that we are not pre
Wayland Games have posted a response to Game Workshop's recent change in their terms and conditions for retailers. From their website: Hi Everyone, Before we start, if you'd allow me to present a l
Wayland Games have received stock of Heavy Gear products from Dream Pod 9 and have added them to their online store.
Wayland Games is now the exclusive European distributor for Dream Pod 9. From their announcement: Wayland Games is proud to announce that we have secured exclusive European Distribution rights to Dr
Wayland Games will be attending Salute 2011. From their announcement: Come to Salute at the Excel Centre on April 16th and visit the Wayland Games store.. yes we will bring a huge store with us! All