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Watson & Holmes

Mmm, Saturday. Drink it in! ... *sip* ... tastes like Sobe Citrus Energy... Oh, hey, look! An open Sobe Citrus Energy! Ain't that a kick in the head? *sip*But my drinking habits aside, I know you're h
Hey everyone! As you're reading this, I'm enjoying Day 2 of the CMON Expo. If you're in the Atlanta area, head down and check it out. It's a great time had by all. Can't make it? Be sure to check out
*puts on a long coat, grabs a pipe, and puts on one of those... detective... hats...* ... What are those things called, anyway?Bah, that's a bit of investigation to partake in at another time. Right n
Spoilers.People go crazy over them. That is to say, if you accidentally spoil something, there are people out there who will go stark-raving mad about it. Especially for something like a mystery story
Being a detective isn't easy. There's rarely enough evidence on-hand to immediately catch the criminal. Witnesses can be unreliable, or might even be the culprit, looking to send you on wild goose cha
Sherlock Holmes is widely known as one of the best detectives that has ever graced the literary world (along with Batman, of course). He got that way because he was able to solve difficult cases faste