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Well, it would seem as though the gods are gone. Just up and left us. Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do. Thankfully, we have the Star Fated who will now be guiding us along. We just have to hope that they do a good job of it. If not, we're all doomed. That's the story behind Warsong, the new RPG that's available now.
The gods have gone away. Just up and left all of creation to do as we see fit without their assistance. Various people on Eldorande have taken up the mantle of Star Fated, those that will guide existence through this time of godlessness (literally). But will they see to get us through the other side? Or will they go careening out of control and just cause all of existence to end? That's where you come in. That's also the story behind Warsong, the high-fantasy RPG that's available now.
Once more we stand on the precipice of the weekend. But before we dive over, we'd best make sure we're well-stocked with gaming goodness. Good thing there's a tray of bite-sized gaming stories right here for us to nosh on. So let's dig in.

Today we have: New Web G.I.S. for tabletop RPGs, Warsong coming to a tabletop near you, One Page Rules Updates Orion's Gate, Kromlech's Weekend Deal posted, and New Dice and Decals from Forge World.