Games & Gears taking orders for new terrain

Games & Gears is taking orders for some new pieces of their Warsmith terrain they've been working on.


From the announcement:

These are the final versions of our Games & Gears Warsmith Terrain lines in high quality resin. We will update our website soon with these pictures. To get your terrain piece and set. To place your pre-order got to: http://www.gamesandgears.co.uk and go to the hobby gears section to place your order! Your support helps us create and extend our terrain lines! Thank you!

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Games & Gears new Pick & Mix Custom Pledge and Warsmith Terrain in Battle Boards Kickstarter

Games & Gears has added a new pick & mix custom pledge level to their Battle Boards Kickstarter. They're also offering new Warsmith terrain with it.


From the update:

Pick & Mix Battle Board. 6by4. Select a theme then pick and choose which designs and how many you want of each up to a maximum of 6 designs. Tailor your battle board to your specification.This reward is for one Games & Gears 6 by 4 Battle Board, select one of the five battle board themes.FREE SHIPPING to: USA, UK, EU, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, JAPAN & SINGAPORE. EVERYWHERE ELSE PLEASE ADD 26.00GBP TO YOUR PLEDGE FOR SHIPPING. Estimated delivery: Jul 2014

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Warsmith launches Warboards Kickstarter campaign

Warsmith has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their new Warboards terrain boards for tabletop gaming.


From the campaign:

The Warboard is an innovative, quick, easy, attractive and cost effective playing area for 28mm tabletop wargaming that folds down in to something about the size of a few stacked magazines or rule books.

And its almost ready to go into production now!

Each Warboard is constructed of 2mm solid board, is double sided and folds out to 2' by 3' gaming area (61cm x 91.5cm), so two boards makes 3' by 4', four generates 4' by 6' and so on. Each side of the board is printed with a different option, these options are explained further down the page. The innovative patten designs means that there is no limit to how many board you can join together. One Warboard can be combined with others in the range to generate beautifully diverse battlefields with an almost infinite combination of orientation options. So you can keep your battlefield layouts fresh, diverse and engaging with minimal fuss!

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