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Warploque Miniatures

Maybe clown goblins aren't quite your thing. Well, how about mutated rats? That's what Warploque Miniatures has going on with their fantasy football team Kickstarter. Squeaky Blinders has a new ratmen
85! 75! 42! Omaha! Hike! The American Football Season is about to get underway, and that means it's time to break out the pitch and play some fantasy football, too. And if you're looking for a new te
It would seem as though ArcWorlde is watching the temperatures plummet. Sure, winter is coming, and all that. But this isn't the regular cold outside. There's something nefarious going on. What sort o
Yeah, yeah, yeah. The calendar still says July. But the folks over at Warploque Miniatures didn't want to wait until the actual month in order to get their sale started. They've gotten their August Sa
So, you have no doubt seen my praise for 2-player starter sets for miniatures games. I got into minis games with a 2-player starter set, splitting it with my friend. But what if you've got more people
Warploque Miniatures has a big one for you today with the release of their Undead Leviathan figure (it's not really accurate to call it a "mini") for Arcworlde. Because, let's be honest, who wouldn't
It's what I'd call a perfect Atlanta Winter's day here today. Not cold, but cool. Some fog hanging around here and there. No wind. Just a nice, pleasant day.Also sounds like a great day to make some g
Warploque Miniatures gets into the spirit of all the blizzards happening up north with the release of Njorsvald Jarl, a new mini for Arcworlde. You can either pick him up on his own or get him free wi
Warploque brings you more ArcWorlde goodness with the release of their Death Kiwis, because... death kiwis. Do you really need much more than that?SourceFrom the release: Kiwi AlphaKiwis Cast in fine
Warploque Miniatures is now taking orders for their December releases for ArcWorlde.SourceFrom the announcement:I am extremely excited to announce that the latest ArcWorlde releases are now up for Pre
Warploque Miniatures has added new Death Kiwis to their ArcWorlde Kicksarter as an add-on.I gotta say, I like how they look.From the campaign:Thanks to you awesome guys continuing to bump up the total
Warploque Miniatures is under a week left in their ArcWorlde Kickstarter campaign. They've recently unlocked the Jungle Gremlins and have also added in a Giant and an Undead Leviathan as add-ons.From
Warploque Miniatures has made it through another stretch goal in their ArcWorlde Fantasy Skirmish game Kickstarter campaign.From the update:This stretch goal gives you the option to purchase extra tro
Warploque is showing off the concept art for their upcoming Jungle Troll. I'm sure he'd love to give you a hug.From the preview:Dwelling amongst the huge trees of the Chaq-Itza rainforests, the Jungle
Warploque is now taking names for people who want their new Swampland Orcs and Barbarians as soon as they're available. Be the first gamer on your block with these new models.From the announcement:Hul
Warploque Miniatures is taking pre-orders for their Albionnicans.
Warploque Miniatures has 4 new models now available for pre-release. 3 are pictured below. The 4th is maybe a touch risque, even though she's technically made of wood. But anyway, just letting you kno
Warploque Miniatures has their new cocklegriff available for pre-order from their website.From them to you:A new and unique monster from Warploque Miniatures up for Pre-Order!
Warploque Miniatures has some new Halfling miniatures up for pre-order. Check out the greens.From the update:Warploque Miniatures has a whole plethora of Halfling models now available for pre-order (e
Warploque has some interesting new figs for their Cayjon Swamplands: Bayourks.Anyone else hear banjos?From them to you:Brand new models to boost the ranks of your fantasy warband -- Papa Shamaduu - Ba
Warploque Miniatures now has Giant Beastmen up on their website for you to order.From their website:Stomping and Grunting onto your battlefield comes Warploque Miniatures new Giant BeastmenElkmanSwine
Warploque Miniatures announces Bayourks of the Cayjon Swamplands are now available for pre-order:From their announcement:Following on with the amazing success of the Zombie Pirates ( a huge thankyou t
Warploque Miniatures releases a brand-spanking new Giant, ready to squish your foes into teeny tiny pieces:From their website:This characterful 6 piece model would make a fantastic centrepiece for any
Warploque Miniatures is now accepting orders for their new Giant figure.