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Warpforged Games

Gamers Lounge has a little chat with Warpforged Games about their Mark of War Kickstarter campaign.



From the post:

In this hour long interview Bill had the privileged of speaking to Mike McTyre of Warpforged Games about their new kickstarter project, Mark of WAR. This is going to bring everything we gamers love about Table Top fantasy army scale games into our computers and animate it.

Check out the interview and if your interested, check out their kickstarter.

Warpforged Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Mark of War, their turn-based tabletop game-turned-video game.
I know TGN doesn't do posts about video games, but I've gotten multiple requests for this one, so I'm caving in just this once.

Mark of War


From the campaign:

Mark of War is a turn-based PC Wargame where you collect, build, customize, and command armies playing head-to-head battles online.

Being on the PC you will finally be able to see your army march upon the battlefield, hear your heroes issue commands, and watch the animated brutality of clashing swords and shields. In addition we are really excited to announce that Warpforged Games has joined forces with the legendary writer and designer Gav Thorpe, who will be creating the world that Mark of War takes place in.