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Warmonger Miniatures

Welcome back again to Friday. It's been a busy week here, catching up from all the things after the CMON Expo. But we're all back into a stable flight pattern, I hope. I know I am. And hopefully you've got some gaming lined up this weekend. I'm going to visit some friends across town and play some 2nd edition D&D. Yeah, we're going old-school for this one. Bring on the Thac0 tables.

Before that, though, we've got some bite-sized stories we want to share with you.

In this batch we have: Britanan All-Stars Team Deal from Tor Gaming, Final Week for Golem Arcana Pretty Girls Indiegogo, New Basing Sand from Kromlech, 32mm Crystal Clear, Magnetic & Standard Precision Laser cut bases and figure storage from Sally 4th, Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Released, Free PDF at The Ion Age: Planetary Militia in Patrol Angis, and Heer46 "Kharkov 1943" Indiegogo Campaign Reaches Funding Goal

You've made it to Friday. Congratulations!
You should reward yourself with some gaming. Or perhaps take in a movie. *opes the paper to see if anything good is playing right now* ;)

However you choose to spend your weekend, be it fighting against robot hordes, or just watching them on the big screen, hopefully you have a good time.
Before that, though, we've got our usual grouping of some bite-sized stories for you.

This batch includes: Warmonger Miniatures 10mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers (Handgunners) Kickstarter On Now, New Pipe Works Terrain System From Mechanical Warhorse, New Pre-painted 28mm Boxes and Crates from 4Ground, Era: Lyres nearing the end of its Kickstarter, New Pulp Alley figures and weapons from Statuesque Miniatures, Kromlech New Release - Legionaries Flamethrowers, Blood and Bone RPG - Goal Surpassed, Hysterical Games previews Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfaüste, Predastore Releases Arrow Predette, Bad Roll Games Previews Junkers Starter Pack Artwork, Dog Might Games launches The Adventure Case Kickstarter, Limana Games posts War of Wonders Kickstarter Preview, MidKnight Heroes posts W.I.P. Leonide, and Dragon War- Riders of Ashara Table Top Miniatures Game Kickstarter Announced.

Warmonger Miniatures has their first couple new 10mm Landsknechte units up now in their webshop.


From the release:

Our Kickstarter is officially done (one month, and change, ahead of schedule). For those who missed out on it, the Landsknechte with Zweihänder (Great Swords) and Landsknecht Pikeniere (Pikemen) are now available on the Warmonger Miniatures website.

Warmonger Miniatures is showing off their master models for the 10mm German Landsknechte miniatures they recently funded.


From the post:

Both the Zweihander and Pikemen have been mastered. Once the production models have been delivered (first or second week of September) the Kickstarter pledges will be fulfilled. After that, they'll be available up on the Warmonger Miniatures website.

Warmonger Miniatures has just over a week left for their German Landsknechte with Zweihander Kickstarter campaign. They've just made it over their goal, so it's stretch goals for these last few days.



From the campaign:

It's funded, but there's still a week left to go and a stretch goal to unlock: the Pikemen!

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Warmonger Miniatures has a Kickstarter campaign underway to fund a new line of 10mm German Landsknechtes armed with Zweihander swords.

Rank and File


From the campaign:

Help us fund the molding and casting of these (and potentially other) 10mm Landsknechte sculpted by the talented Bob Naismith.

Each unit is made up of fifteen two-man strips (30 figures total). You'll get one Standard Bearer/Drummer strip and fourteen Rank and File strips (randomly selected from the six pictured below) for each unit in your pledge.

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